Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prayer in my me how Lord

Had a great day today. :) My hope is that so did you.

I woke up really refreshed! How could I NOT, after being in bed for 11 hours?! I was so tired last night, and just wanted to sleeeeep. So at 8pm, after saying goodnight to child #1 and child #2 (child #3 was in bed at 6:30)I let my head hit the pillow. I think I was asleep after about 5 minutes. And after thinking about how I want a new pillow.

When I got up, it just seemed like the day was going to be great. Do you ever get that feeling, even when nothing has happened yet, no one has spoken to you yet, and you haven't even looked outside? I did! The DiSH made the coffee, Little Man got up and smiled at me and said "Oh Mama!" Girly Girl had lots of teasing/wrestling fun with daddy (will forever be a daddy's girl, I'm sure), Mr. Smarty Pants made the toast, and I just lounged!

Soon though, it was time to get ready to go to church. I teach the cradleroller's, so we couldn't be late! When we got there, one of my sister's and her little boy were there, and soon after, one of my best friend's and her little boy arrived too. Little Man had so much fun. :) We talked about David and his sheep, and how he took such good care of them, and how Jesus takes good care of us! Their favorite part of the 45 minutes though, is when we sing Tick Tock Tick Tock, and listen to the clock! So adorable.

The sermon today was, I think, seriously meant for me. I have been struggling lately with prayer. Not about whether or not it is real, or is God really at the other end, but more with, if God already knows the outcome, then why do we really pray? Why do we say "God, please..." Isn't He going to do what He's going to do regardless? I feel better about a lot of the things that have been stumblers, because the sermon was about Prayer, and how it is so important in our lives. The pastor made a really good point among many others, that has stuck! He said, We know the people in our lives as well as we do because of how often we talk to them, share with them, cry with them, laugh with them, or just sit quietly with them. We can know God that well too by doing the same thing. We will not know Him as well if we do not. The pastor also pointed out that God WANTS us to bring the small things to Him. Everything that is important to us is important to Him. So it's okay if I want to just pray, plead, even shout, GOD! Help me to resist the temptation of that big 'ole piece of chocolate cake, because if I eat it, it'll be piece number 3! :)

He told a really good story too, and I'm feeling impressed to share it. I'll make it short though, because I'd be here all night typing if not. :) There was a preacher, and he was about to give a sermon. Before heading out to the sanctuary, 8 of his elders prayed around him, their hands on him, asking for a blessing on the preacher that day as he shared God's word. Each elder prayed for him, and after seven of them were finished, he waited patiently for the last elder to pray. When the last elder began praying, he said, "Lord, I ask that you be with Charlie Levworst today. You know Charlie Levworst God, he lives down the road a mile or so, he lives in the silver trailer on the right." The preacher was a little puzzled, he thought the prayers were for him, and wondered where the elder was going with this! But he knew the elder well, and knew his prayer was heartfelt, so he kept his head bowed, and continued listening. "Lord", the elder said. "Charlie told me this morning that he was going to leave his wife and 3 kids. God....., God, PLEASE do something. Amen." The elders and the preacher stood up, and the preacher went out and gave his sermon that day. On his way home after church, he was thinking about the sermon, about the elder, and about this Charlie. Driving along, he saw a man hitch-hiking. He pulled over, and picked the hitch-hiker up. The man got in, and the preacher introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Tony". The man looked at him and said, "Hi. I'm Charlie. Charlie Levworst." The preacher couldn't believe it! This was Charlie! The preacher continued driving for a minute, but soon turned around and started heading back into town. Charlie became a little nervous, and said, "where are you going? I thought you were headed the same direction as me." The preacher said, "No Charlie, I'm taking you home. You left your wife and 3 kids today, and you need to go back home." Charlie was wide-eyed, and said, "how did you know that?!" The preacher said, "God told me." Charlie couldn't believe this. But he was really really surprised, when the preacher turned down his road and drove right up to his trailer, the silver one on the right! "How did you know where I live?!" The preacher smiled and told him to never under-estimate God, and to always believe in prayer. Charlie's wife came running out of the trailer, shouting, "you're back! You're back!!" Charlie hugged her, and then told her everything that had just happened. With tears running down their faces, they asked the preacher to spend some time with them. He did. God saved Charlie's marriage that day. And showed the preacher the Power of Prayer.

True Story! Isn't it amazing?! I know I missed some of the details, but you get the picture! But here's my question: IF that 8th elder had NOT prayed that prayer, what would have happened to Charlie and his wife???? I don't mean to ruin a good story! But it's the kind of questions I've been having lately. I can't wait to pray about this, and see what God tells me. I also try each day and pray this prayer: Lord, use ME today, in someone's life, to show them, YOU. It's a scary prayer to say, because I then must be ready to do what I am asking Him to help me do!

Anyway, the rest of my day went as well, riding bikes with my nephews and kids, playing in the sand with Little Man, drinking some DEE-licious ice-coffee my husband makes, laughing with Girly-Girl over the grilled-cheese sandwiches that wouldn't flip so easily, and then sitting down to read some blogs, write a blog, and pray for my bloggy friends. :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!
    Pray for me! We have officially started birthday week and you know what hat means.

  2. I will pray for you. :) Just think happy thoughts, and focus on all the things that happened that made you stronger! Can't wait to see lots of b-day pics! :)

  3. I can't believe I read this loooong post, but I'm glad I did. Lisa, this was GREAT. I guarantee your answers will come the more time you spend with God. I've been there and the more intimate I become with Him, the more He reveals himself to me. Thanks for sharing this; I LOVED it! Have a joyful, peaceful, prayerful week in Motherhood!

  4. I will be praying for you. This is my first visit to your blog and will be back often. Hope you will visit a new blogger I have lots to learn..but you can meet Parker and Jack.


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