Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Ramblings....

I think we are in for some big snow tonight....which probably means no school tomorrow! Yay, I want my 14 year old to paint the baby's room for me! This week has been busy, lots to do to prepare for two birthday party's and Christmas, between December 21 and 25! Little Man's party has grown.....haven't told the DiSH yet. The guest list is at 51! Our house is NOT big enough, so I requested the use of my kids' small christian school! They have a great multi-purpose room, and the kids will have fun playing in the gymnasium. It won't be this big every year, no way. But this year, we are all so happy to be in a different situation than last, that I couldn't leave one person out! We are providing lunch too. Crazy. Girly Girl's party is way smaller. She has 5 boy cousins and then 2 brothers, so she asked if this year, turning 10, if she HAD to have all the boys. I hadn't even thought about it, but its her birthday, she should have who she wants there! So she is having 5 close friends over, and its a sleep over. My sisters and I are very close, and GG is very close to her cousins as well, so we will visit the local indoor playground Micky D's for lunch with them. I made a book for her for her birthday, on Shutterfly. Has anyone else done a photobook online? It is so fun. And so much easier and faster than 'real' scrapbooking! Which I love too, but just do NOT have the time or space to do as often as I'd like! Little Man is also being dedicated at church on the 20th, my brother in law is an Elder, so he is doing the dedication. My husband sings.....he is singing the song "He's My Son" by Mark Shultz, and we are showing a slideshow of LM during the song....Note to self, don't forget the tissues!! I love that song, and we found the track for the DiSH to sing to, and wow....I cry everytime. The first time he sang it, LM sat on the floor in front of daddy, just staring. DiSH didn't make it through the song. So sweet. I have so much to do, but so much more to look forward to! Getting our Christmas tree on Sunday, and having friends over for supper to "see it". I can't wait to take pictures of it....with my NEW camera! It isn't here yet, but should be, maybe the UPS man will bring it today. So excited. Going from 4 pixels to 12. My early Christmas present. :) Okay, well, we had a school delay today because last night was the kids' Christmas program at school, and to accomadate the kindergarteners, we started school late. So I need to go make lunches! Here is a picture of Little Man, on his firetruck yesterday! Today is turning out to be a test day for mommy....He won't leave the tv, cd player, dvd player and stereo alone!!!


  1. Isn't it hard to believe that your little miracle is turning one? He's very special and definitely deserves to celebrate his first birthday in a BIG way!

  2. WoW you are busy! Such a cute picture of LM. He has come such a long way hasn't he. I don't know the whole story, but from what I have read I can tell there was a lot to go through there in the beginning.

    I cried on each of my boys first birthdays, just because there is something about them not being babies anymore thatgets me all blubbery.


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