Friday, December 5, 2008

Yummy Cream Cheese Balls...Mmmm

A faithful follower asked a little while ago for the recipe for these Cream Cheese Balls. I am just now getting the chance to post it. :) These are a great alternative to "meat" balls with spaghetti. My family loves them!

4 Tb. butter or margarine

4 Tb. flour

1 cup milk

Melt butter in saucepan, add flour, mix and then slowly add milk, stir until thickened. Remove from heat, cover and set aside.

1 cup finely chopped nuts (almonds are my favorite)

1 cup Italian bread crumbs

1 pkg. onion soup mix

1 pkg. cream cheese

Mix dry ingredients, soften cream cheese, add to dry ingredients. Pour hot milk mixture into cream cheese mixture, stir well. Chill for 15 minutes. After chilled, form into 1/2 inch balls. Put 1/2 cup or so of bread crumbs into a 1 gallon storage bag, add cream cheese balls, and lightly shake until balls are covered with crumbs. Heat oil on medium heat in a fry pan. Add cream cheese balls, turning as necessary to lightly brown them. Eat with your favorite spaghetti sauce!


  1. OMGoodness...that looks so yummy! I can't wait to make some, thanks for posting the receipe.

  2. Your comment on my blog (Sunny Side Up) made me LOL! I'm actually a 23-year-old from Iowa. I just read a lot and most authors write accents in phonetically.

    Okay, those cheese balls look GOOD! We have a party this weekend and I may make those instead...... Yum!


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