Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Quite Three Months...

Because it's been so long, I feel like I need to do a little "splainin'" about my absence! I will make it short: LIFE!! Haha! If you are a Facebook friend (which I love!) then you may know a little more of what has been going on for the last 2 1/2 months. Birthdays, Anniversarys, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, end of school events, exams, job interviews (Andy...nope, not yet), family gatherings, cheap home renovations, gardens, and everything else in between! I know, it's all blog-worthy stuff, and I do regret when I go back and read past posts, not writing about some of the happenings. But it's not like I disappeared forever! hah!

So in a nutshell, Mr. Smarty Pants will be 17 in a few weeks, and is now officially a Senior. I don't like talking about it. Not my baby! He is working on a farm up the road, and seems to like it. He and Andy are trying to sell one vehicle to buy another more safe first car for him. He is 8 months into a relationship, and as much as I kinda wish he wasn't so serious at this age, he is happy. And I met his dad when I was 17! So who knows. We are 80% done the basement bedroom, enough so that last week he moved down. We ran out of money for a few things, but things that are on the list and will be completed later.

Girly Girl is 12 1/2, and even amidst the whining and the sometimes laziness of a "tween", I am really enjoying her. She has taken a real liking to baking, and can now make things from beginning to end with no help. And that's a BIG help! She paints her toes and fingernails a different color everyday, and is a fish in our pool. A girlfriend or two are usually here, or she is gone to their house. Not boy crazy AT ALL, and that's fine with me! If she does have a crush, she hasn't shared it with her mother! She has been baby-sitting Little Man for me a lot, and I love how motherly she is with him. He really loves his Sissah.

Little Man....not so little anymore! 3 1/2, and full of it. He is riding a big boy bike now, loves the pool, and eats ALL DAY when I let him. His favorite thing to do outside is play in his little "house"...a clearing in the middle of some lilac bushes on the side of our backyard. He and our dog Princess, are best friends. Or so he says. We successfully did something with him a month ago, that I am so glad we rectified. I am ashamed to say he was playing WAY TOO MUCH Playstation games. It just got so easy to just let him sit and play, and not need to be entertained by us, or need something. They weren't bad games at cars and skateboarding. But I didn't like it. I think God took my side, because the Playstation broke. It sucked in that that's what we used for a blue-ray DVD player too, but I was secretly glad the gaming system was down. We do have a Wii, and just recently, I have let him play a game or two on that, but it takes reading, and he gets bored with it easily. But he's good at the bowling! So now a timer goes on, and when it's done, he does well at turning everything off. We are almost ready to move him into his new room, now that big brother is downstairs. That will be fun.

I am in the middle of my first practicum in early childhood ed. I like it, but sure do hate leaving my family everyday to go do something I don't even get paid for. I have one more year of school, and I will be a college graduate. That feels good! It will be a busy year, but a good one, I predict. Andy is still out of work since January, but keeping busy here and there with odd jobs. He is on a waiting list to enroll in the massage therapy program at the same college I am at. So we may be college buddies this year. :) That would be different. We shall see. It is something he has wanted to do for a really long time, but not able to because of full time jobs. So maybe now is the time. I am just worried that when he is done, Maine will not be able to give him a job. So maybe moving will be in our future. Only God knows. I pray everyday for strength to continue to let God lead.

So to end, I'll add some pictures of LIFE, and I promise to do better Jamie, at keeping up with my blog! Later I may even play around and change my theme/background...if I remember how!! ha!!

Bike, Prom, Swings, Water, Trains, Smiles, Hugs, and a Senior Class!


  1. I'm so happy you're back!!!
    I know that you have all been very busy. I hope that A can find a job and that things will start to get even better for you guys.

  2. I have missed you and kind of assumed you might not be back. Matter of fact, I haven't even seen you on FB much. Anyway, glad to get caught up on what's going on with your family. Andrew saw pictures of Caleb and said "I want to go to that boy's house." I'll see what we can work out ;-)

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  5. Good morning, Lisa~

    Praying God's peace and guidance for you and your family!

    Good to have you back! :> )


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