Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tennis anyone? Not me!

I'm on a mission today, to get some new sneakers. Or as you southern belles call them, tennis shoes. :) See, I don't play tennis, so to me, they aren't tennis shoes. I SHOULD call them "walking shoes". As in, I should walk in them, outside, far, everyday. New Balance shoes are made here in Maine.

One of the few factories is actually right here in my little 'ole town. Another is in the next town over. Every year during the State Fair, New Balance has a huge tent sale. It's huge. We went the other day, because Mr. Smarty Pants needed basketball shoes. He was successful, finding a pair that at one time, cost $105, but his deal, after another 20% off the sale price, was $40!!! He buys his own clothes and shoes now, so he was pretty happy. I am glad he has been able to earn money this summer, allowing him to buy school clothes and shoes, and still have some spending money left over. As I watch him make big purchases, I am so pleased that he appreciates the almighty dollar, remembering what it took to earn it. He takes great care of his shoes, and keeps his laundry clean (yes, does his own laundry, has since he was, oh, 12 I think). Anyway, I didn't end up getting any that day. Either did Girly Girl or Little Man. They need new sneakers too. The DiSH even needs them. But I wasn't sure of the budget, so I waited for today, when the DiSH can go too, and we can cut this shoe shopping trip in 1/2. I want some very light-weight sneakers for walking. I have not bought a new pair for almost four years now. It's time. Maybe I'll find the pair that comes along with a free magical power that makes you jump up, run out the door, and walk walk walk every time you put them on! Do you have a pair of "tennis shoes" like that?!!!


  1. I haven't heard the phrase sneakers in a while and it sounded kinda funny. I'm the Southern Belle with the tennis shoes (smile).

  2. I wear tennis shoes too haha. Southern all the way I suppose. That is cool that New Balance is made there. I also wish they added the get up and go to the shoes. That would be a tremendous help. ;)

  3. I love my tennis shoes but they aren't NB! Sneakers just sounds weird to me. Hope you find something comfortable.

  4. We call them tennis shoes around here too! Mike only wears NB's and thinks they are the BEST! Should've known they came from Maine! ;-)


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