Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sweet 16 and I've never been more proud!

It's MR. SMARTY PANTS birthday!  We got up this morning, and I made him a MAN'S breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and juice! I told him he was 16 and so if he wanted to have a cup of coffee with me, he could. :) I said this only because I knew what he'd say: No thanks!! He is forever telling me how my addiction to caffeine is so bad for me. I told you he was a smarty pants. :)

 His tongue looks funny here! ha! He had requested pancake-fried bacon. Okaaaayyy...
Little Man loved his Mickey Pancake!
Girly Girl is not a morning person, but she didn't want to miss breakfast!

After breakfast, his friend Roger showed up. The plan was for them to just "hang" today. Hang out my laundry? Okay! Oh....H.A.N.G!! I get it.

We went to Walmart, which is where Mr. SP prefers to get his haircut, and he needed one....BAD. I bought my nephew his birthday present while there. Four years ago, my sister "copied" me, and had her third little boy on Mr. SP's birthday!

After Walmart, we hit GameStop for the PS3 game that Mr. SP wanted. Easy present. I checked out shoe sales at Payless, but didn't buy anything. The sales lady was trying hard to make a sale, but I wasn't buyin'. She said that on August 10, there's going to be a huge blowout sale. I'll see you then Saleslady.

Mr. SP wanted to go to Taco Bell for lunch. Easy enough. So we headed there for bean burritos and tacos. Yummm. Then it was on to home to wrap little nephew's present. He was having a Go Diego Go! party. When we arrived there, my sister gave me the job of frosting the cake. For the last four years we have put both boys' names on the cake and taken a picture of the two of them each year. They are too cute! Mr. SP still teases his aunt about how she missed his birthday party four years ago, because she was too busy having a baby!!

We then came home, and he and his friend, who had been happily going everywhere with us, then took a long bike ride. They are now on computers and crankin' music down the hall.

Tomorrow night we will have the official birthday cake here at home, because today the DiSH is working. Boo hoo. I am going to make a 3-tiered strawberry and vanilla swirl birthday cake with butter cream frosting per request of Mr. Smarty Pants. Yum.

I am so happy to be Mr. SP's mom. He never disappoints, and is forever causing me to marvel at his wisdom about life, at such a young age. I cannot wait to watch him grow more, each and everyday standing up for Jesus and what he believes in. He's going places people!! My baby-boy is growing up......Love you JT. :)


  1. Lots of cool people born in August!!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. SP!!

  2. Tara's right!! And I hope Mr. SP had an awesome day!

  3. Happy belated Birthday to Mr SP! I did get your second email attempt, I have been sick, sorry! Bout to write back now!


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