Friday, August 6, 2010

just sharin'...

if my name was Sharon, my post title would be "Sharon Sharin'" ha!!


ahhh....Friday night.

It's cold here. really. but it's perfect sleeping weather! I love it when it gets up in the 70's and 80's during the day, but down in the 60's at night. It's 61 outside right now!

today I worked with a friend. she cleans houses, offices and churches and her mom usually works with her. but her mom wants to retire. so she asked me if i'd like to earn a few bucks a week helping out with two bigger houses she can't do alone. although it was cleaning house, it was away, not in MY house, and I was earning some money. money I need to purchase my textbooks for the fall. :)

my nephew is spending the night tonight. he's 7 and has never spent the night away from home! his mom told him that if he didn't want to take a shower here, she was fine with him jumping in my pool. :) so of course that's what he did. he thought that was pretty cool of mom to let him do that. I think my sister was having a harder time letting him go for the night than he was. :)

Little Man....oh my little man. Today Girly Girl fell down the steps on the porch. She is at that gawky clumsy stage that most 11-12 year old girls go through, anyone remember that? I do. after she fell, Little Man said, "Sissah, you okay? you okay from falling down the steps?" and as she answered yes she was fine, he hugged her and his little arms wrapped around her body and rubbed her back. Even GG was feeling emotional over that one! we then talked about how much Jesus loves it when we hug people when they get hurt, and he said, "I'll hug Jesus too." Love that Little Man I do.

Mr. SP was great help in town today. So many people ask me how I can just be so comfortable with him driving now, but I say, bring it on! I love it. he takes me to the bank, the P.O., and just anywhere I need to go, keeps the van running with the AC on, and entertains Little Man. Errands go so much faster!

The DiSH came home a wee bit early tonight. Yay. I love him. He is so cute. He has to work tomorrow, but then Sunday we are going to our most favorite water park in our state for the day! Can't wait. I'm going to try and take tons of pictures. Most times I have the camera with me, but I forget to get it out.

Here's to hoping you all have a great weekend, and from me here in Maine: Stay Warm at night!! ha! Now on to dig out my flannel jammies....


  1. I am so mad that it is 61 degrees there. Wanna trade? For real it is 12:38 am and it is still 80 degrees. We have had a heatwave the past week or so and it has been 100 or so with heat index being like 110. SO not fun lol. I love what your sweet little man said. That is so sweet.

  2. The weather sounds delightful!!


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