Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Passed the Test that Counts

Original Post:
"On more in-the-moment news, today is Mr. Smarty Pants road test for his license! I must scream....AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I am sooo nervous for him. I can't help it. I just want 1:00 to come quick and be over. He is going to do just fine, I'm sure. My sister and I agree that if he doesn't pass, it will be because the instructor is having a bad day, and isn't a people person! Pray for my baby. This is a big day!"

Well, unfortunately Mr. Smarty Pants did not get his license today. It was the worst feeling for this mother, to have to get over my feelings of wanting to go tear some eyeballs out of the middle-aged grumpy man that decided Mr. SP wasn't ready, and put a smile on my face and share encouraging words with him. I am so proud. I thought that the feeling of pride over your children came when they succeeded, accomplished something, got a reward for their hard work. But Mr. SP has never ceased to amaze me with his spirit about life. Sure, he was disappointed. And a little angry. Yes, he felt like he didn't deserve not passing. But within a few minutes of our talk, and feeling bad, he was busy entertaining his little brother, and munching down on the cookies I had prepared for him. We talked about how it is now up to us to uphold our part of the prayer we shared before he left, the part about how we will accept God's plan and not question what happens. God is in control. He knows why it wasn't time for Mr. SP to pass. We don't understand, but it isn't always meant for us to. Just the other day, over a completely different subject, I used those words with one of my children when they said "I don't understand why you are saying that." I told them, "You don't have to understand, you have to obey." So it is with God. Someday He will reveal to us why everything has happened the way it has, and then and only then will we understand. So yeah, no big celebration over a newly licensed sixteen year old in this house tonight....But I would rather celebrate his ability to trust his God and leave it in His hands any day. Tomorrow we will send for another test date, and now he has a feel for what it will be like then. I am sure he will pass, and then we will celebrate again! For now, I truly feel he passed the test that counts.


  1. I'm going to start using the "you don't have to understand, you have to obey" line on everyone in this house!!
    ((Big Hugs)) for Mr. SP.

  2. So sorry he didn't get his license but you are right. God has a plan and it may be saving his life. We never know. He will get there. Keep your chin up Bud and keep practicing and know your laws. I love the line you used too.

  3. Both of our girls didn't get theirs on the first try either. As Shana said, God has a plan!



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