Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summertime Fun

We have been busy here At Home! And having so much fun along the way. We've been to the beach, but mostly we have just been getting great use out of our pool! We don't have to plan ahead, pack bags, use gas and drive, take food, none of that. Little Man is just loving the "big" pool this year, and feels very comfortable floating around and around with the whirlpool jet, in his little floaty. He sings "Hallelujah" over and over again, no special tune, just the word, sweet off of his lips, as he does slow lazy circles! I've been in first thing in the morning, so that I can do my housework in my damp bathing suit and stay cool. I've been in all afternoon, day after day, playing Marco Polo, motorboat, and any other game the kids want to play. And I've been in for night swims with the DiSH (it's kosher, because of all the neihgbors!)! Our friends and family know that they are welcome anytime, and I love it when they come on over, and enjoy getting cooled off. We don't have really long summers in Maine, but when it gets hot, it's HOT! It has been very humid too. We do not have AC, so I am thankful that the nights still cool off for the most part, and the fans do their job of circulating air. 

I really want to get an underwater camera! That would be fun. I'll add it to my Christmas list!! Can you believe Christmas is just a little over 5 months out?! AAHH!! NO! I can't think about that. Not snow, not yet!! 
I have successfully changed programs at school, and in the fall I will be continuing my education in Early Childhood Education. I am sooo excited, it's not even funny. I just wasn't sure of what to do, and in turmoil one evening, I lay in bed and just prayed and prayed and prayed. Before I was done praying, I knew what I was going to do. I know that God kept putting thoughts of working with Children into my head, and I just had this peaceful feeling about it. That day, my husband and I talked about it, and I was very close to just not enrolling at all, because I was so unsure of what program to pursue. He has been so helpful through the last year and a half! So next week, I will go and talk to my new adviser, and go from there. One thing that I thought was really neat, was that two prerequisite classes that I need to take, I also needed for the other program I was in, so I am already registered in those classes. I don't need to drop them! 
The DiSH has been working so much. yay!!! He continues to love his job, and the side carpentry jobs just keep rolling in. He secured another one yesterday, building a garage for a co-worker. I have taken it on as my job to make sure he takes some down time for us, and doesn't get caught up in working all the time. We have always been a family that is used to Dad working Mon-Fri, with every weekend with us. But now he is most times working, and for a bit, I found that the kids and I were lost with no end to a work week! So this week for example, He had Tuesday all day, and Wednesday afternoon, and this morning off. Today he did get some things done around the house that I have been politely asking him to do (I DON'T nag!) but Tuesday and yesterday were complete play time with the kids, BBQ-ing, watching movies, and of course, playing Matchbox cars with Little Man. We are beginning to create a routine! He has Saturday and Sunday off, and this is the first time in 9 weeks....So I'm not sure what we will do!
Well, Little Man's nap is about over, and I don't get on the computer when he is up, because he really gets distraught over it. Rather than argue with him, and send him on his way with his toys, I have been trying harder to do things with him on a more regular basis. He LOVES to help me with laundry, waits patiently to shut the dish washer door after I'm done loading/unloading it, and he loves to vacuum too!


  1. Wow! Your pool water looks so BLUE! We finally got our pool cleaned from the winter months, so we'll be enjoying not having to pack up and go to the beach also.
    Enjoy your family time! I too enjoy those evening swims with the hubby (smile).

  2. Looks like you are enjoying the HOT weather and keeping busy with everyone! Have A Happy weekend!


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