Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Stuff

Girly Girl and I are getting really excited about homeschooling. I've been surfing the web A LOT, trying not to get too overwhelmed with all of the information! I bought a planner that is really cool. It has big spread out pages with monthly calendars for assignments/daily plans. And then each day has a journal section so I can record what she accomplished that day. I also bought a big binder to create her 6th grade portfolio in. Any other ideas??

I held a 2 1/2 month old beautiful baby girl the other day! Her name is Caimbree and she is so precious.
She sat so calmly for the longest time, looking around, giving the occasional smile and coo. But then something happened. She made a little squawk and then turned her face inwards, at my boobs. The mouth came open, and I thought uh-oh! Yep, for probably 2 seconds, I felt that old familiar feeling, the tingling sensation you get when nursing! It didn't last long, but long enough to make me smile, remembering when my babies were just babies. I passed her over to her momma, a happy feeling filling me, from my toes to my ears. :)

The DiSH is crazy about buying things in big quantities. And I'm going crazy trying to find storage room for his purchases. Find the biggest container of Mayonnaise that you can....that's what's in my frig. And the biggest pickle container. A 25 lb. bag of flour, and huge boxes of popcorn. Grrr.

Little Man wants to know lately, where everyone lives. As in, what town? Nanny lives in Madison. He can say that one. The town that we frequent almost daily, but not quite, to shop, is Skowhegan. He calls it "hou-see-gan". We live in Norridgewock. He says "norridge-in-rock". Too cute. Say Mississippi Little Man... "iss-iss-miss-ippi". Close enough!

Mr. Smarty Pants needs a haircut. His sister is having a blast calling him Justin. As in Justin Bieber. No offense JB, but she's just not that into you. She'd rather use you as her joke of the day while making fun of Mr SP's do!

Before 8:30am today, I had swept/mopped my kitchen floor. Yes! I HATE humidity. Those of you in the South are probably playing me a little whiny tune, huh?! Well, do you have air-conditioning? I do NOT! So when it's sticky out, it's sticky IN. Today is a D.R.Y. day. So the floor is glide-across-with-bare-feet clean, instead of walking-on-maple-syrup-covered floor!

Now I'm going to go read and comment on MR. SMARTY PANT'S BLOG.
Have a Wonderful Sunday!!


  1. I LOVE starting out the day with a squeaky clean floor. If that clean feeling would just last longer!!

  2. Thank God for AC. I'm at the beach and with the heat index it was over 100 degrees today! Good luck with homeschooling. I have thought about it BUT I put too much pressure on myself. It wouldn't be good for my mental health.

    We don't buy in bulk. It would drive me crazy - I like getting new, fresh stuff too often. Andrew has started singing "Jesus Loves Me"....the sweetest thing to hear. I know your heart smiles when LM starts spouting off his cities. Cute!

  3. Completely understand the floor thing. Sitting here trying to catch up on everyones blogs and wow I have missed so much. Smarty has a blog, you updated yours, and I'm just two posts into reading your blog. LOL off to see what else is new.


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