Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Boy After My Own Heart

I love it when my kids do things I do. Like when Little Man wants to wear my shoes. Or when Girly Girl wants to wear matching toenail polish. Mr. Smarty Pants may not want to dress up like me (thank goodness!), but he started something yesterday that I like to do too. Blog. So cool! He's a terrific writer, and I've always told him he should start a blog, it's sooo much fun! "yeah sure mom, okay." That was the response! So yesterday I was a little giddy when he told me he had started one! I asked him if it would be okay if I shared it with my bloggy friends. He said sure, will they follow me? I told him no promises, but maybe! He then said, are they all old?? ha!! Wait a minute, is he implying that I am old?

So today I give you Mr. Smarty Pants (no, he wouldn't use that name...darn, wonder why not?!) and his Blog:

CATCHY TITLE HERE.   Don'tcha love his blog name? He took a loooonnnngg time choosing it, and says he's not sure it will stick. I love his complete confidence in himself, and how at such a young age, he's proud of who he is, what he wants and doesn't want. I am so excited about reading my son's thoughts, whether they be random, deep, silly, short or long. He's forever showing me things he finds on the web, and I think you'll get a kick out of some of those things too!
So if you're interested in a blog different from any you may be following, try out Mr. Smarty Pant's page! Become a follower, drop him a line, tell him he has a great mom. :) Go see why I am so proud!


  1. You should make it so that when people click on my picture on the right side of your page under Mr. Smarty Pants, it links to my page.

  2. Are they old??? And he told you in his comment something to change about your blog. He's so cute. And doesn't he know that all of your bloggy friends are just as hot as you!?

  3. I see he is already thinking like a blogger~! Yes link to him blog via Mr Smarty Pants. I did read his first post, you should be INCREDIBLY PROUD. He is very well spoken. I plan to follow him too and will tell him how great his Mama is. :) And let him know, that I am NOT old. LOL


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