Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Monday

Wednesday is my wedding anniversary. 19 Years! At the reception the DiSH sang a surprise song to me, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". So for today's Music Monday, that is my song!  At Tara's, where Music Monday is hosted and you can link , her theme is songs from the 90's. Well, the song isn't from the 90's, but the DiSH sang it to me in 1991, so to me, it counts! On the 21st, I will post pics of us on our special day. But first I need to scan them. :) So visit Tara, listen to her song, and link up!!!!


  1. Def. not recorded in the 90s but what a sweet song. Takes me back to my grandparents era. Happy (early) Anniversary!

  2. hey! I couldn't find your email address, but mine is
    I just read the story about the sick girl you know, it really touched me, so I entered the contest, and said if i win to please send the DVD to you for her!


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