Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happenings and Hair Cuts

I've been a little MIA again, and it bugs me! I have this problem with always thinking that when I blog next, I need to fill in all the blanks in between posts. I hate starting things in the middle. For instance, I also have been procrastinating for a LONG time with scrapbooking because I have this insane need to start from the beginning, with photos that started this family, not just scrapbooking that I feel like doing just because! So anyway, I feel like I'm skipping over a lot, but to catch up on all that has been going on in the last 9 days would just be boring!

I only have 2 more classes in A & P! YESSS!! Thursday night and then my final exam is on Tuesday night. I am sooo happy. Bigger news on the school front though, is that I'm switching majors. I started out 3 semesters ago, with Health Information Technology as my interest. But after taking two classes in the program (the rest have been prerequisites) I have decided its just not my cup of tea. Instead, I am going to enroll in the Early Childhood Education program. It's still a 2 year program, and all of the classes I have taken so far have not been a complete waste. I look at like, if I hadn't taken the HIT classes, I would never know if that was something I was interested in or not. And the pre-req's, most of them will actually count towards the ECE program. I'm excited! Working with kids has always been my passion. Whether it's babysitting them, subbing in schools, working in vacation Bible schools, Sabbath School (sunday school), all that, I love working with kids! Next week I will talk to whomever I need to, to get the ball rolling.

The DiSH still isn't working.....we are now living off of tax return money, which is slowly diminishing. BUT, a wonderful surprise/answer to prayer came in the mail the other day...a check for $500 from some very very special people. And the next day, my parents hired the DiSH to finish their porch, and the pay would be the equivalent of one month's mortgage payment. He as still been watching the job openings and applying for whatever he can. But, the latest is that it is a very good possibility that he is going to upgrade his class B license to a class A, and drive truck for a while. I have very mixed feelings about that, but we also know that whatever it takes to keep our home and provide for our kids is what we will do. I grew up as a truck drivers' daughter, and so I know how I want things here at home, and how I want things when the DiSH is home. Thankfully, I have a very smart, responsible almost 16 year old to help me at home. So we shall see...

The kids are all great...Little Man got his first official haircut last week. See? Before....
All those precious baby curls!!!  sniff sniff.
Not so sure of what's happening!
Not a very happy looking little BOY!
The Lolly Pop made it all better!
Girly Girl and Mr. Smarty Pants are looking forward to only 7 more weeks of school before summer vacation! Mr. SP starts his first job next week, and he's excited. GG is going camping in NH this weekend with the Pathfinder group she is in. It's a program through our church. She is very excited, but I hope she stays warm!!
I have a new laundry room, and I LOVE IT!! I'll post pics soon. I must go to bed now. It's late, and this Momma is tired. Just a few more days of studying, and then I don't know what I'll do!! Fun fun fun, that's what I need. Nite Nite!


  1. What a cutie!! I love his new cut...he looks like such a big boy!!

  2. I love Caleb's new hair cut! I've never quite understood why moms are so attached to their sons' hair, but I do have girls. If we ever have a boy. maybe I'll understand. ;-)

  3. i think that is a great major for you!! I love the haircut. We just got Blaze's cut again. Of course I went a bit shorter lol as his hair grows so fast. I cried the first time we ct all those precious baby curls off though.

  4. Awwww! He is so cute! I love it! And yes of course the lolypop would always make anything better. :)


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