Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Joy in January

 Little Man discovered a more comfortable way to use his chair while watching tv and having an apple snack!!

I'm bummed that the top helmet pic is blurry and red-eyed, but I still had to post it! This is his big brother's bicycle helmet. It wobbles all over his head, but he still insists upon wearing it when he rides his "bike"!

Oh Little Man....
You do make me smile.
When you laugh and giggle,
I pick up the phone and dial...

I must share with someone,
your very silly ways.
You are too much of a gift
to keep to myself on these long winter days!

Even when Mommy is sad
and hurts with tear-threatening pain,
You ask for a "Top-Part"
and I can smile again!

Life is so hard when you're two
Life is so fun as well.
What would I do without you Little Man,
You make my heart swell!!


  1. Cute! We were at a friend's house and Andrew put on the boys bicycle helmet and I about rolled. Looked so funny! Glad you have LM to help you get through the pain.

  2. Awww, I almost cried. I love the top part comment. too cute. Hope you are feeling somewhat better.

  3. How sweet! he would make any momma's heart swell! He is adorable!


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