Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Memories

Laying here on the couch, I have been surfing through my picture folders. I hate January, it seems like bad things always happen in this month.

This is the DiSH, holding our Little Man, during his last week of "grow time" in the hospital, 2 years ago. Not such a bad thing, right?!

Girly Girl finally got to hold him that day too, for the first time! An instant bond was created.

Mr. Smarty Pants was a pro, he had been able to hold Little Man many times, being over 12, and not at risk of spreading RSV.

And then, 9 days home, 1 month old exactly, this happened. Bronchialitis. Poor sick baby.

And here he is, 8 days later, doing somewhat better! That outfit was a preemie outfit. I was just so happy he was finally off of the ventilator! Notice this was taken 2 years ago, yesterday!

So, January sucks. But I must think of my little miracle baby, and how he beat the odds in January two years ago, too.
This too shall pass!


  1. He has been through a lot! I think I want my next baby (if there is) to be born in late spring or summer. Seems to be less sickness during those months.

  2. Awww (HUGS) Just keep a smile on your face when you feeling like this... It's hard to feel down when you smile.
    Besides... Look at sweet Little Man and all that he has overcome.

  3. You know, the whole VP thing is in the back of my mind all the time, but the last of April and first part of May (surrounding Maggie's birthday) are SO hard for me. People who've never been through these things just don't get it. I always have excitement and dread when planning Maggie's birthday celebration.
    And in other news, Jennifer Munson left a comment on my blog!!
    Love you, sweet friend.

  4. WoW I know that was a scary time. I might be the last person you need to talk to as Jan and Feb are my least fave months too! You probably have already figured that out tho~! HURRRRY SPring...I'm thinking about you and hoping you find some sunshine in January and February this year. :)

  5. Little Man was so little! Awww! You actually mentioned some really good things about January! Really good things! :)

  6. What a cutie.... glad he is getting better.


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