Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Show MUST Go On....

Where HAVE I been?!
Seriously, have I had my head under a rock?
Am I so stuck in routine that I missed it completely?
All you toddler mom's may laugh when you hear I ONLY JUST heard about it...

So this past Friday a much anticipated disc came in the mail. We don't have anything but basic cable, so when the DiSH told me we could get a disc that goes along with our Netflix package that allows us to watch the Instant Play to come through the PlayStation and play in HD on our big 50"something TV (or something like that), I thought Okay, Cool.
It IS cool! There are sooo many family films that we can watch now, whenever we want!
No more wishing that PBS had kids' scheduled programing between 1pm and 2pm.
No more hoping that the well used Barney dvd will play just one more time, even though I swear Barney is singing "I love you, you love me, I'll just drive you Cray-ay-zee..."
So here we are, looking through the Instant Play's.
Elmo in Grouchland. Sounds...interesting.
You KNOW Oscar's involved, and who doesn't love a dirty green grouchy monster?!
So it's on.
And Little Man??
Yeah, sitting quiet. Some more. A little longer. Watching. Smiling. Singing. Dare I say In a Trance?!
Guess who's NOT grouchy?
Did you guess Little Man?
I have found "the movie".
The one we all have, no matter what you say.
The movie that comes on, when we JUST NEED A BREAK.
Thank you Elmo.
Thank you Oscar.
Thank you Netflix...
Thank you DiSH........
Thank you anybody.......
Now on with the Show!


  1. The only full-length movie that Maggie has ever watched is The Wizard of Oz. She has seen most of Pinocchio, but we try to avoid long periods of time in front of the tv. She used to watch lots of PBS every morning, but we "left" that at our old house.

  2. You are funny! I am glad that you enjoyed it! I get captivated so many times by the show that all of my kids watch, even my teenagers shows!! Sometimes!! :)


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