Monday, November 16, 2009

Are They Learning? To Serve, Yes

It is so BEAUTIFUL in Maine today! The temp outside right now, at 8:30am is 51 degrees! That is just out of the norm for the middle of November! I'm glad it's warm, because my two oldest children are out walking the streets instead of being in class. What? you say? Walking the streets? Yes! On Friday, the small school of 32 kids went door to door in our town and a few close surrounding towns as well, dropping off bags. On these paper bags were notes attached, explaining why residents were receiving empty bags on their doorsteps. It was for a food drive that our school and local churches hold each year at this time. So today, as the note announced, the kids went back to each of those doors, looking for those same paper bags, this time filled with canned goods to donate to the food drive! The Congregational Church collects them all, and they put together baskets for those in need. I know my kids weren't sitting behind a desk, listening to a teacher explain the fundamentals of math, or to Shakespeare, or learning how to spell, but that's okay. My prayer is that they learned a whole lot more by taking part in something so important: Serving Others. Who will you serve today?


  1. I would definitely be ok with Andrew learning this way. Book knowledge will come and go but this is a lesson for a lifetime. It changes hearts and lives!!

  2. They are learning a wonderful lesson.


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