Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate It When I'm Missing A Button...

Okay, first one to help me, wins. Wins what? Well, the satisfaction that you helped a computer dummy learn how to make a Blog Button!! Help! I want a blog button for YOU to grab, but am lost. How? Where should I go for step by step, dummy proof instructions?! I love all of your buttons, I love collecting them! I want you to have mine. Awwww....
Thanks Friends. :)


  1. Don't get excited; I don't know how to make one either, but I'll be back to see if anyone responds (smile).

  2. I knew Tara could help you. i figured it out once, but don't have the time to waste on playing around with it.

  3. I can make you one easy if you want me to.

  4. Ok I made it and emailed the code to you with directions on how to install it!! Hope that helped!


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