Saturday, October 17, 2009

I found it! I found it!

Hey Everybodeeee!! Look over there to your left.....YOUR LEFT. There you go, see that cute little house that says I'm At Home on the roof? Yeah, that one! That's my new button, that my good friend SHANA did for me! I got some great instructions from another great friend, TARA, and they were super easy, but I just had a big brain cloud in there, because I could NOT do it. Wasted the better half of Friday trying. :) So Shana saved the day, and I am now part of the Button Club. So copy the code below my cute little house, and add my button to your blog. I can't wait to go visit you all in a day or two (wink wink) and see if you did it. :) And Shana, THANK YOU! I will be calling on you when I change up my blog again (I'm guessing at Christmas time!), and I'll want my button to match!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday. We are here, all snug in our little bungalow. Fire going, drinking pumpkin coffee, and watching some Planet Earth. We just watched a segment about Boabab trees. Here is a picture.

It is the official tree of Madagascar. It can grow as tall as 300 feet tall!! But the best part is the flower:

And here's why its the best part. See the red pieces that look as though they peeled back to the base? Well they did. Before that happened, it was long and looked just like a green banana. On Planet Earth, the film was sped up, and we watched it peel back, and the long spiny ends and petals spread out in about 5 seconds. In real life, no sped up film, it only takes one minute! I would love to see that. There are birds that visit the tree and eat bugs from it, every 17 years. Yes, every 17!

Anyway, there's a little nature lesson for ya! I don't know about you, but when I realize that this tree is something that God created, I just can't wait to ask Him questions about how He came up with that idea?!

So don't forget my button, and......


  1. You are very welcome and I loved the knowledge you shared!! I will glad make you a new one when you are ready.


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