Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Hop ~ Favorite Photo

This was really hard, choosing ONE favorite photo!! So, I decided NOT to pick just one! I have thousands of photos on my computer, and from time to time I have my 15 year-old computer genius back them up onto cd's so I don't lose any! Recently I put all of those pictures onto our laptop so I could sit and edit, play around and just have fun with some older photos. When looking through them, I spent quite a bit of time in the folder entitled Florida 2007. To back up a bit, when I was 16 in 1987, my parents took me and my two sisters to Walt Disney World. It was great! For years after, we talked about how neat it would be to go back in 20 years, no matter where we were or what was going on. So, 2007 we did just that! The "Core", which I have always called my dad, mom, two sisters and myself, now were blessed with three husbands/son-in-laws, and between the three of us, we had 6 kids (there are now 2 more!). It was a great vacation! So here are a few pictures from 2007 and even one from 1987! Mr. Smarty Pants

Girly Girl

The DiSH and me.

He sprouted wings!

Ah, THE Castle.

Me and Goofy, 1987!

My two sisters and I, 1987

And here's the family, before my Little Man came 6 months later (I found out I was pregnant when we got home, and he arrived 2 months early) and before my sister's little guy "C".
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  1. Great photos! I love Disney World! Love the Mickey ears too!


  2. Great pics. I love Disney and my husband and I were just trying to figure out the best age for our daughter to make her first trip. I came up with 4 or 5.

    Many Blessings,

  3. You picked some great pictures because Disney World makes everybody happy! Love the socks in the 1987 picture :-)

  4. Great photos! I thought you might be interested in a Fashion Jewelry Giveaway. This is a beautiful photo necklace. Go to the button that says Marianne’s house of Shopping “Giveaways” and complete two simple steps for a chance to win.

  5. I always enjoy looking at your photos; especially the old ones you share. Girl, you had sexy legs waaaay back then (smile).


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