Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Hop ~ Encouragement - Satan is Allergic to Praise!

A few weeks ago, I blogged HERE about my life, and how I just needed to trust God more and follow His path, with my feet. I updated there as well, and am still amazed at the last few weeks and how God works. HE IS AN AWESOME GOD. For today's Blog Hop on Encouragement, I am sharing some quotes from a book. I can't share what book, because I only have a copy of the two pages I am sharing with you, copied for me by a good friend! I need to ask her what that book is, don't I?! Anyway, please read the following with a prayer on your heart, and try for one day, one week, one month, to only THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING, AND DON'T ASK HIM FOR ANYTHING. The outcome will amaze and humble you.
"Since all evil in any situation is always because of Satan's active presence and agency, and since he is allergic to praise, therefore victorious, triumphant, massaive praise casts him out, just as it did from heaven. When Satan is cast out, the evil vanishes. Even if the circumstances ARE NOT CHANGED, the evil is removed, its fangs are drawn, its poison is extracted. The idea that "praise always changes circumstances" is a mistake. It may not always change circumstances, but it WILL change the PERSON. Since the root of all our problems is the unsanctified ego, inside change may be more important than changed circumstances. Therefore, in offering the sacrifice of praise one accepts the position that nothing but good can come to the child of God, no matter how evil it may seem. Knowing that "all things," including apparent evil, are certainly working for one's good is ample basis for a life of continual praise......Accepting the seeming misfortune as from the hand of an all-wise, all-loving, and all-powerful God, who always works all things together for the good of the beloved, and praising Him that nothing intrinsically evil can ever come to one of His children is a reaction that strengthens and reinforces all that is best and most godlike in character. With this reaction God's purpose is achieved and Satan has lost. The adversity has left the individual stronger in faith, courage, and knowledge of God. Don't waste your sorrows...instead, Give thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father (Eph. 5:20)" How Encouraging!!! Happy Blogging!
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  1. Awesome encouragement. You are right Satan is allergic to Praise and we should do it more!

  2. Great post!!!! Thanks for sharing:) You have a great blog.

  3. Yes, you should find out the name of the book. I bet the rest of the book is as good as those pages.

  4. Once again, you're speaking my language. Praise definitely confuses the enemy - I live by this promise. When hubby and I have been in arguments in the past, I have literally shut-up and began praising God OUT LOUD. In a matter of minutes, things are quiet and back to normal - PEACEFUL. The enemy can't handle praise - he MUST flee! Great post!


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