Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying Mcklinky!

update on original post: okay, so I don't think I've joined the Mcklinky bog hop correctly. I see on other blogs that it's a specific topic, and then there are hundreds of blog links in the Mcklinky. I shall figure this out! Grrr..

Hey all! I haven't posted in over a week! Shame shame! I don't like letting that much time go by between posts! But, I HAVE been reading all of YOURS, and even commenting! So...is anyone going to try the new Mcklinky thing, you know, how it puts your own list of bloggers in your post, and we are all linked together? I'm still so fuzzy about what that means, how it works, and even why would I, but, that's exactly how I felt when I first started blogging, and now I can't imagine NOT being a part of the blog world! So I'm game, I'll try. I guess first I have to pick a 'theme' or something, and I can't think of anything! How about this.....it's simple for my first time. Post a picture on your site of what you define as "JOY", mention me in your post (I guess that's what I'm supposed to say!) and then link below! Did I do it right?! hahaha!!! Okay, here's my picture of "JOY"......

Okay, your turn! Give it try, tell me what you think, did I do it wrong? Was it a waste of time? I'm not looking for hundreds of links, just thought I'd try!
I'll be posting again later today, all of my 4th of July pics, and a big family reunion as well. Enjoyed looking at pics and reading all about your 4th! Okay, go link!

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  1. Love your picture....This blog hop has been so much fun. You have a great blog.



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