Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh poopy......

***update on the update*** 6/15/09
I have now put my blog into the creative hands of Erica, and I can't freakin' WAIT to see what she does for me. It's like Christmas!! Watch soon for a great blog, I know I am!!

**update** 6/14/09
I now am singing the blues.....still working on a blog style. I am sick, and feel awful, so my creative juices are not flowing correctly. Might take me a while!! :(

I know, I hate it too. Wanted something different. Made it look like someone pooped on my page. :) I sorta like the white picket fence, goes with the whole Home theme. I'm too tired tonight to play around with it though, so you'll have to be patient.......OR, you can redo my blog for me! LaLa Lisa?? Hmm??! And I think maybe someone in Scotsville said she was blog/html crazy as well! I'm open to suggestions! :)


  1. Okay..... so if you email me your info (user name and pw) to I'll see if I can find something cute. Yea, poop's not good! ha ha ha

    So you just want something 'homey' right?

    We'll see! ((my son is LOL at this))

  2. Poopy is not! I woke my hubby up laughing!

  3. Hey! At least you can figure out how to change it!!!! and you have a signature! :) Hope you feel better soon.


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