Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of Nots...

I skipped last Monday's Not Me! and I can't remember why....I can't even remember last Monday. I can't even remember yesterday. If you aren't sure what Not Me! Monday is, go check out MckMama ....she started it, and it's a GOOD thing.

So today, my husband is NOT home all day, and I am NOT not happy about that. I just love that he's NOT here, NOT sitting on the couch, NOT asking me what I am going to do today, NOT asking me what's for lunch and what's for supper. I am NOT wishing inside my head that he would go somewhere, anywhere!

I did NOT sit on the couch myself, I did NOT say that I had a headache and need to take advil, because the DiSH was NOT lying on the kitchen floor, cleaning out from under the stove because Little Man did NOT roll a ball under there that he wanted. I did NOT laugh quietly to myself when Little Man got into the dust bunnies that the DiSH was trying to keep him out of, and I did NOT get up only after the stove drawer was put back in place, and the many cars and other small toys were all safely put away in the toy box, and the dust bunnies were in the trash! Not Me!

Work is slow for the DiSH right now (this, I do NOT [really] joke about, because it's just NOT funny), so I did NOT (back to the not's) slice the tomato extra thin today for the sandwiches we had for lunch, making one tomato stretch just a bit more than the usual big thick slices would. And I did NOT do the same thing for the pickles.

I did NOT totally mess up my blog over the last few days, making a DISASTER of it!! And I did NOT write an email to a new friend in Scottsville, hoping that she will agree, and soon fix this horrible mess that does NOT make me cry!!

I did NOT smile graciously at my sister when she offered to take Girly Girl shopping and out to eat today. I mean, why would I want GG gone, when its summer vacation, and she and Mr. Smarty Pants seem to have grand plans already, of picking and teasing each other, and causing everyone within ear shot, great grief? I do NOT want to break that duo up, not at all!

I do NOT love the fact that it's raining, and that means oh darn it, I just canNOT put the garden in today AGAIN!

I did NOT leave a load of wet laundry in the washing machine for 3 days, and then I did NOT decide to dry it anyway, and just add 5 dryer sheets, hoping that stinky wet laundry smell will get by the DiSH's oh-so-sensitive nose!

Okay, that is enough. I see a trend though....I do NOT try to get one (or two or three) over on the DiSH too often!!

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  1. Oh man, I feel like I'm being set up for failure here!!!

    What if I can't figure it out????

    But I'll do my best and get crackin' on the background stuff tonight. =0)


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