Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All in the name of Hand-me downs!

I love clothes that last through lots of wear and tear! Especially with little boys. The outfit below is one of those outfits. When Mr. Smarty Pants was one year old, he received this one piece summer outfit. I loved it! So colorful, and comfortable. My sister Kim spent a lot of time with us then. This was pre-hubby and kids for her! She and Mr. SP had a great bond then, and they still do today. This week actually, he is going to babysit for her. :)

Fast forward 14 summers. Here's the outfit and here's Mr. Smarty Pants! He was such a great sport for putting this on over his head for a picture or two!! Little did he know it was all in the name of " a good future blog post" ! ha!

And now here is Little Man, sporting that same colorful (okay, a little faded maybe), comfortable one piece summer outfit! He's 18 months though, so that should give you a clue as to how big Mr. SP was, and/or how small LM is! In between that 14 year span, this tye-dyed cool outfit also was worn by three of my nephews!! I'm so glad my sister (a different sis) kept it and gave it back!!


  1. Andrew has a few hand-me-downs from my nephews. They are mainly used as play clothes but that keeps his good clothes from getting messed up.

  2. So cute, I think it's awesome when clothes can collect so many memories. Especially something so adorable.

  3. WOW! Talk about generational hand me downs!


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