Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blogging on the Blogger Blog

This blog is about blogging. I’ve been doing so since September or October of 2008. I don’t even remember what got me started! I knew no one that blogged, and still, amongst IRL (in real life, something I learned on MckMama's blog) friends, it isn’t something they do. That’s why I love it actually. It’s a diary; a private journal, that the world can read, but that those close, don’t really. Well, except my sister, who follows, but hasn’t yet started a blog! C’mon Kim, it’s a great way to just blurt stuff out, meet new people, pray for those you’d never know need prayers. Those are my top three reasons at least. J I’d like to improve my blogging skills though. So here are a few questions that I wondered if any of my bloggy friends can answer. I’d appreciate it.

First, How do you get 3 columns? Or a right AND left sidebar if that’s what it’s called. I like the look.

Second, How do you write something, and then put a line through it likes it crossed out? It’s probably simple, but I can’t figure it out.

Third, darn, I know I had a third. Can’t remember! Maybe it will come to me later.

Do many of you “surf” Blogger? Across the top of my blog, I like clicking on Next Blog sometimes, and just see where Blogger takes me. I seem to find a lot of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and German blogs! Wish I could read/speak the languages! Many of them look so interesting! My favorites are the ones that have many pictures. So that’s why I try and post a lot too. If the pictures interest me, then maybe they interest others as much when visiting my blog!

Have you ever had someone visit and become a follower, and then when you go visit them, it just seems like they want your business? I have. I “un”follow them! I’m not here for that!

I love the contests too. I actually won a book on one blog! So neat. I’d like to do one, but I don’t know of what, and, I’m a little scared of where that might lead. Many followers just here for a prize maybe? What’s the harm in that though. Contests are fun!

I am getting ready to change my blog look. I need a new background, and a new Header. OH!! That’s the third question! How do I create my own Headers? LaLaLisa was kind enough to create the one I have, and I love it! But I’m ready for a change. It will include my favorite fruit. Can you guess what it is? Did I just start a contest? Maybe!! I typed/deleted/typed/deleted a thousand times just now, these words: “yes! A contest! Whoever guesses the fruit, I swear, I truly will send them a prize.” I can’t commit! I’m afraid of what it will start! We’ll see…..

That’s it for now. I’ve been typing while the DiSH drives us home from a great meal out with lots of friends and his brother’s family. His older brother turned 40 today! Mr. Smarty Pants takes his laptop everywhere with him, so I said, “hey! Let your mom use your laptop for a while!” Made the trip FLY by! Little Man is sound asleep next to me in his carseat (yes, I sit in the back, next to him MOST of the time, what can I say). Girly Girl is in the third seat (a mini-van, I love it), being very quiet. She likes to look at the night lights as we drive.

Have a good night everybody!


  1. Hi Lisa! I sent you an email with instructions for striking through a word. I've been trying to learn to do 3 columns but I haven't mastered it yet.


  2. I'll send you a link for the three columns later.

  3. I didn't forget! is the site i used for my three column blog. I'm sure there are more out there, but I'm only familiar with this one.

  4. Thanks for the help guys! Going to try and tackle a three columner this weekend. :) And Lisa, no, Watermelon is not right! But you are the only one that took a stab at it, so you get to try again!


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