Friday, March 13, 2009


Going to do something today that I HATE. Looking for a new car. A new van to be exact. I hate it....Pllleeeeaaase don't make me go! The DiSH just loves it. We don't buy "new" cars anymore, instead we save and save, add in the good 'ole tax return, and every 3-4 years we buy outright, a good vehicle of our choice. Is it just MY man, or do most men spend HOURS and HOURS looking, comparing, searching, ooohing and ahhhing, going on and on and on! He has the patience of a saint, (I clarify: when looking for a car that is!) drives me insane!! But....the big But.....I should not complain. We always end up with a good deal, save tons of money, and I am the happy owner of a "new" safe, low-mileage, good on gas, smart looking, mommy wheels, van! Ahhh....I just hate going and doing all that looking! I am thankful though, for the smart, patient (again, with buying cars...hehe) savvy shopper that my DiSH is.


  1. This was tooo funny. I can only imagine you following behind your husband from car lot to car lot while praying for patience. Have fun! Please post about your delightful experience so I can laugh at you again (lol).

  2. Oh shoot...I checked in hoping you had posted about your day (LOL).

  3. I will post soon about our car experience! It was all good. :) Thanks for checking!!


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