Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy's Mountain

Okay...take a look at the following pics, and then tell me what your first thoughts were....

Did you think, What a terrible house-keeper! Well, I would think that too just by looking! :) But here's the REST of the story.... When I do laundry, Little Man just LOVES to grab at the nicely folded piles of clean clothes, and whip them around the room, I swear, seeing how far he can pitch them! One time, I ran into the bathroom, leaving my tall oh-so-perfect stacks of clothes just for a second...when I returned, he had them all across the living room, and looked up at me with a big cheesy grin! So now, I do the laundry, and then I dump it in big piles on the couch/floor, and wait until the little cheeser is sleeping before I fold!! Today, he discovered climbing. We have no stairs in our house, and so he has not moved on to moving up yet! Until today... he started at the bottom, and quickly worked his way to the top of Mommy's Mountain!! So proud of himself. So was I, what can I say! He sleeps now, so guess what I am about to do?! Yep, bring that mountain down!!

Too cute, just too cute! :)


  1. Oh I love this post! Andrew does the same thing to my neatly folded piles. Yesterday, I took the laundry and made mountains on our bed. Last night after he went to bed, I folded laundry. At least all of us mothers have validation that our kids are "normal" (whatever that is)!

  2. Maggie has always loved laundry and she still does! At least now she can "help" fold!!

  3. My first thought, that looks like MY house...

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. My first thought? don't want to know (LOL). I'll share my second thought..."Little Man is toooo cute!"

  5. haha!! I wondered if anyone would have thoughts that they wouldn't share! I swear, my house is normally clean, maybe a bit of clutter here and there, but that's it! I don't care though, because I have the most fun with my Little Man!


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