Thursday, March 19, 2009

Science Fair time...

Mr. Smarty Pants and Girly Girl had a big day. It was Science Fair day. The small Seventh-day Adventist school they attend hosts this each year. Mr. Smarty Pants' project was called "enigmatic eggs"...he put a raw egg in vinegar for 5 days...the shell disappeared! Then for 5 more days, that same egg sat in corn shrunk, and was like a rubber ball! Kinda neat. Girly Girl made "homemade perfume". Using materials of her choice such as rose petals, lemon zest and pine needles, she put them in rubbing alcohol, waited a week, and then tested. The rubbing alcohol evaporates, leaving the smell of the plant! So cool. She did SOOO good too. Very proud. :)


  1. Very good science fair project ideas!

  2. Thanks for the ideas; I'll definitely have the boys do this.

  3. Interesting! The perfume one would definitely be my favrite!


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