Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can anybody say HEAVEN?!!

This will be quick, because who wants to spend time on the computer when they are IN A SUITE IN A BEAUTIFUL INN WITH THEIR HUBBY, NOOOOOO KIDS, AND NOTHING TO DO BUT LOUNGE, EAT, BATHE IN THE JACUZZI TUB, SLEEEEEEEP, AND WELL, YOU KNOW THE REST LADIES!! ha!! I see there are many blogs to catch up on, you guys have been writing away!!!! Wifey, yes, even while away, I watched you last night!! The DiSH and I want to take a cruise sooooo bad, so he was fine with watching that while we let our delicious dinner settle! It was cool to say, See her?? She's my friend. She writes to me!! :) I'm going to take pics of this room, even though it's a mess....just wanna share (later) where I have been since yesterday. My wonderful wonderful sister, who is also a mother of 3, spent the night at my house with MY three, so we could get away. I think I owe her!! Tata!!


  1. Lucky you! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. So super cool, it makes you enjoy that time alone so much more when you have kids doesn't it! My hubby and I got away over night about a year ago, and we have been dreaming about it since then.


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