Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Tagged Dare...

Okay, I know I'm only doing this because I'm in my "Make Believe World of Blogging" and sure, you'll see pics of my house, but you read my words way more often than "see" my real world, and that is what has been comforting to me over the last few months! Friends that do not judge me, based on how I look, how my house looks, what I just said (or yelled) to my kids, etc. This is a dare that I read this morning, and I gulped for a second. Take pics of my house, right now, no cleaning allowed, and then post them! It's not pretty people. Not at all. But Thursday and Friday are my normal clean house days, so you caught me just before I start! If I think of it, before it gets destroyed, or just plain lived in again, I'll take pics of the after too. Gotta save face somehow! So here goes, my house 5 minutes ago....

Thats the kitchen, above. Can anybody say CLUTTER?! It happens over the week, but come Friday night, that big counter top that has the little tv on it? Will be cleared off. The dishes in the sink are clean, just need to put away.
Kitchen again, (above). The DiSH just got a new stereo receiver, so that's the old one on the table, waiting to be moved to his brother's house. That could sit there forever if I didn't say something! I dream of a dining room someday.....a big one!
Okay, so now the next pics are the livingroom. Our kitchen and livingroom are really a great big room, with just a half wall separating them. I have no play room, den, diningroom. It's these two rooms and the bedrooms. We have redesigned this house so many times, but NO MONEY makes it just a dream for now.
The laundry on the couch is clean!
Don't love the look of the gate, but it keeps Little Man away from the woodstove. The cardboard box beside the chair is from the DiSH's new stereo receiver.
I'm having trouble figuring out how to move my pics and text around, so for the rest of the house, there will be a Part 2, in just a few minutes!


  1. OH, MY GOD, I LOVE YOU!!! I have been beating myself up lately for "not being a good mom or wife" because I feel like I can't get it all done. I always wonder how other people do it all. I'm cleaning house for our two birthday parties on one day, YIKES!, and it's all just getting shoved into another room! Thank you for sharing and for doing it so honestly! You made my day!

  2. I LOVE baby gates and any other child-proofing things! We waited until after maggie was getting into everything before we baby proofed the house and I really appreciated it after it was done!!!


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