Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dare Part 2

Here's the rest of the house! I just realized that this post will be on top of the first post, so if you have no idea what the Dare is, you gotta read the post right before this one. Kay?!

This is the bathroom.....needs a MAJOR makeover. I asked the DiSH for a makeover in there for my birthday in March! It needs new paint, new trim, I need to make a new curtain, and then if you could see the sink which is to the left in a little nook, the mirror/vanity is so 70's. It's the only bathroom....I could cry.

This is the bookshelf at the end of the hall. I want to post some pics of Little Man that I took at the bookshelf too, I'll try to later. They are so cute. :) The box is full of clothes that LM has outgrown....seems like I always have a box like that somewhere around!

This goes with the LR picks....its around the woodstove, getting ready to head down the hall. The chair is full of coats that need to be hung up! LM loves the little tent house, that was a hand-me-down from a good friend!

Ahaha!!!! He'll kill me. This is Mr. Smarty Pant's room. He's 14. Enough said. :)

And this is Girly Girl's Room. I hand-painted the circles on the wall last fall. She's got the biggest room in the house! I love her room. She needs to clean!
I will NEVER post my room. Its the catch-all room. It is no quiet place to rest. I stumble through at night, fall into bed, and leave as quickly as I can in the morning. When I can open windows, and heave-ho, I will post pics!! There are no pics of LM's room....he's sleeping in there right now!
Okay, so I did it. You see my house. What do you think?! Will you post yours?! Can't wait to see...BTW, I am having so much fun with you girls. I don't have many followers, but those that I do are so faithful, and I wake up each morning, anxious to see how you are doing! It's like a real-life soap opera!! Don't take that the wrong way, it is meant in the best of ways!! Have a great day all... :)


  1. Good job, you did it! Isn't it hard to actually post them, it was for me anyways. I love how you painted your daughter's room, super cool!

    My bedroom is the same thing, the catch all room, uuuggg...I try to keep the light off when I go in there so I don't have to see how truly ugly it is, notice it is missing from my pics as well! I just get so busy trying to keep the rest of my house clean, that I never have time to tackle The Scary Room. I make sure the door is shut, and locked, when people come over :)

  2. All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!! (You are another good thing that came from vasa previa in my world!)

  3. ok lisa, i did it...i'll have to do the tagged posts too. they are so fun. sorry for the typing. i'm holding little man. :)


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