Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Away

Hey There!
It's my first post. Is that what everyone else says when before them is that first blank Post spot?! I know that I will come up with some more interesting stuff as the days, weeks, months go on, but for today, I must say that here in Central Maine, I am just simply looking forward to a weekend away! There was a frost last night. Yep. Lost some of my tomatoes, if not all of them! I will post more at a later time about my first real adventure with a garden! We are going further into the mountains, to a beautiful camp for 48 hours or so, all kids in tow (there are 3, I also can't wait to tell you about them!), and my favorite thing about this place is: YOU CAN'T PLUG ANYTHING IN! No ipods, laptops, not even the cell phones work! We do have electricity, but it is just so awesome up there, that I forbid everyone to bring things that plug in. It's to nature we go!!

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