Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting Into the Groove of Things

Wow! Just spent two hours redesigning my blog page! It'll do for now. :) I also spent some time reading some of my past posts. I cried. Time flies so fast! The little preemie is now 7! His birthday was just before Christmas. He's in first grade, and just loves life! He is a clone of my oldest son which is soo awesome. When we found out we were pregnant again, I just couldn't figure out why!! haha! Then a few years went by, and one day, my oldest went and did the meanest thing ever to a mom...he MOVED OUT. How dare he?! Twenty years old, and decides he'd like to live on his own...a whole three miles across town! Anyway, I hated him moving out, hated him not being here, cried, mourned his absence. Really, I did. I still do, and it's been a year and a half. Well, one day I realized that my youngest son was an almost exact copy of my oldest! Their interests, words, laugh, mannerisms, you name it. And it clicked. This is why Little Man was born! Because God knew that one day, Mr. Smarty Pants would move out, and I would not handle it so well. Now I am lucky enough to have a grown son, who is so smart, making great life decisions, staying focused, and then I have a little guy, who on the days I miss the big one sooo much, does something that reminds me of his big brother. :) Thank you God! And of course, in the middle of all that brother/son drama, is my beautiful beauty, Girly Girl. She just turned 16! Oh man. I don't know what I'll do when she moves three miles across town (!), because there is no little baby girl clone, and there isn't going to be one! Unless...I am a grandma by then, and Mr. Smarty Pants has a GIRL!! Oh my. I think its time to go to bed. Thanks for reading! Hope you come back again!


  1. So happy to find this when I checked in this morning.

    1. trying to blog more!! thanks for being so loyal. :)


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