Monday, April 18, 2011


I had a really great pick-me-up today. The teacher that I work with each day looked at me when I walked in this morning and said, "Wow! You look great! This fiber thing you're doing is really working!" Yay me. :) Just the boost I needed to keep going! Did you check out the FULL PLATE DIET yet? I bought the book and journal and am enjoying both thoroughly. Thinking I'll go eat some beans for supper!! Cupcakes are gone, and it wasn't ME!!  
You should also check out this website: MY FRIDGE FOOD. It takes a few minutes at first, but you can save your work. It's check off every single thing you have in your fridge and in your cupboards. When you are done, it will generate many many recipes that you can make with exactly what you already have! For those times when I just don't know what to make for supper, thinking I don't have anything, I go here. I am always amazed at what they tell me I can make!!


  1. MyFridgeFood sounds interesting. I may have to try it out sometime. I like to do meal plans on Sunday night after the kids are asleep and then go grocery shopping on Monday morning. Of course, there's always a fresh fruit and milk run before the next Monday.

  2. Glad you are seeing results! The My Fridge Food sounds very helpful. I'm going to bookmark and check it out when I have a spare minute!


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