Friday, February 25, 2011

Snip Snip

Today was Get Your Hair Cut Day for my boys....Mr. Smarty Pants was long overdue. I don't have a "before " picture of him, but trust me, it was LONGGGGG. He looks so much better! Little Man needed one too, and his was overdue as well, but that is because I just HATE facing anything that makes him grow up! Although I am happy he is potty-trained now, it happened so fast, that I wasn't as happy as most are. All of a sudden, no more diapers, and no more baby curly locks! He said yesterday when his big "sissah" came into the bathroom while we were in there, that she needed to go out, because he needed "pirates". It took a second for me to realize he meant "privacy". So now of course, when I go into the bathroom, I automatically think of Johnny Depp. :)  BIG GRIN there. He also says when he sits on the potty and nothing happens right away, "it's not workin'". So I am not surprised if a big person goes in to use the bathroom, and I hear "it's workin'!" Potty-training is so much fun for the WHOLE family. Little Man's favorite phrase with me the last few days has been "Yesssss Motherrrrrr" when I ask him to do something. He grins a little grin, and thinks he is so funny. He is.

So that's the latest here At Home.....oh, and it freakin' snowed again today. Come on. Really? A snowstorm in February in Maine? Oh yeah. I'm in Maine. Almost forgot. Not. I can't WAIT for spring. March 20. But that's the only reason I want March 20 to come. I will not divulge here and now why I DON'T look forward to that date. Birthdays Smirthdays. Baa Humbug.

 He doesn't usually pose like this, but his little brother was taking the picture, so you do what you have to do to make the little guy happy!

 The "before" picture! He was way over due, but I absolutely HATED taking him. I don't want to lose my baby! 

 Here he is, all eyes!!! Such a precious Little Man. 

My Girly Girl. She was making a funny face at me, but all I had to say was "Facebook!" and the big fake smile came out!! She's so silly.

It was a great day!!

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  1. Watching our kids growing up is bittersweet. I guess watching the last one is even more bittersweet.


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