Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simply Simplifying

One month and two days have passed since Andy lost his job. A lot has happened, each day something new, sometimes bad, sometimes good, other days were a little of both. One of, if not THE best thing that has happened is how strong our faith has become, and how close we have grown to each other. We talk a lot, there is lots of time for it. :) Andy and Little Man have been spending lots of time together too. In the last week, Little Man has become completely 100% daytime potty trained. No accidents, not even one! He has had such confidence about it, and I just know it is because he has both mommy and daddy working equally with him. Oh, and his big sister. :) It takes a village, right? We are learning to live simpler than we ever have before, which I didn't think was possible. I am so thankful that we own both vehicles outright, do not use credit cards, and only pay about $700 total for heat in the winter, and that is always taken care of the summer before. We are one week into our one month shopping trip. Although we did go yesterday for coffee and a gallon of OJ. When the month is up, I am thinking that we will have spent a total of $350 on groceries, for a family of being a 16 year old boy. :) Andy bakes bread, and it is so yummy!
We took a trip to VT 2 weeks ago, to help sponsor a bunch of school kids to an Art Clinic. It was fun. We figured out that we are flatlanders though, because the mountains made us feel claustrophobic! But wow, the White Mountains were beautiful. It was nice to get away, leave our troubles at home for a few days.
Valentines Day was nice. I love having two older kids who are so great with Little Man. He had no problem being left with big brother and big sister, even going to bed good for them. Andy and I went to a great Mexican restaurant and then shopped around a bit, in the PEACE and QUIET. We then went home and watched a Redbox movie. My flowers came the next day, and that was okay. :) I love them.
Next week is school vacation and I can't wait. I just want to do nothing but scrapbooking which I haven't done in over 2 years. I have everything, just need to sit down and do it. I think that Little Man is finally at the age where he'll leave me alone long enough to do a page or two while he plays Play Dough or something!

So life is good. We are praying everyday that the job for Andy will come along real soon. I used to say God knows the plan He has for us, and soon we will find out. I focused too much on the second part of that thought. Now I am trying everyday to stop at the first part. He knows the plan He has for us. Period. He will take care of us. He always has.


  1. it i sso good to hear from you! Yay for little man on the potty training. It is the best! I will be praying for the job situation too. Also yay for your break!

  2. Sounds like you are making the best of a not-so-good situation!
    I love your new look.


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