Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun in the Snow with Buzz

Little Man and I had fun outside the other day....building his first ever Snowman. :) He watched me roll the three big snowballs, and the whole time reminded me we needed a carrot for the nose. When I finally went inside to retrieve the carrot, I remembered we had none! So, I grabbed a red gumdrop, stuck a stick into it, and wala, Mr. Snowman had a nose. :) After adding a hat and scarf, two arms, two eyes, and a twig mouth, he was done!

Little Man took a break for a while and Buzz Lightyear came to the Rescue!

It was a fun afternoon, and a memory I will forever have!


  1. CUTEST snowman ever!! Love the blog background.

  2. Love the snowman and you know I love Buzz as I have my own little buzz lightyear lol.

  3. Well, Woody is my favorite but your Little Man makes a cute snowman and Buzz!


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