Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Delightful December to Just January

Wow, one more day of my favorite month left. And then January. I really don't like January. It always feels twice as long as December! And it's soo cold.
This past week has been great. Andy worked Sunday-Tuesday. He took my van to work, so I was house bound for 3 1/2 days. But I didn't mind one bit. We had food, and each other, and that's all I needed! I didn't do a whole lot of anything, which felt good. I played a lot. Kept up on laundry, and fed my kids good! Yesterday and today Andy has been home, and tomorrow as well. The Christmas tree is out, and the decorations are put away. The grocery shopping is done for a week, and my laundry is still all caught up. Tomorrow we are going to go 4-wheeling and sledding with some friends, and then most likely just call it an early evening even though its New Year's Eve. Our church is holding an all night prayer vigil for the youth, and I think Mr. Smarty Pants is going to go for a while at least. They include activities and food, but the main focus is on praying throughout the night for different things/people, and in different ways such as group prayers and individual. I think it's a great thing, and am so happy it is the way my 16 year old son would like to start his new year. Girly Girl wants to stay up here at home and watch the Ball drop. I'll try to stay awake with her! Little Man has been under the weather the last two days, and I'm praying he'll be better tomorrow. I don't know if a trip to his doctor will be needed or not. I am so thankful he is at the age where he can tell me if and where something hurts.
I am gearing up for classes to begin again on the 12th. This semester two of the three classes I am taking are both on Wednesdays, so that will be nice. I will only have to travel to school one day a week. The third class is online. I dread that is elements of math. Yuck. I told Andy that he can just do that class for me! The other two classes are Safety and Nutrition with young children, and then Infants and Toddlers. I am excited about both. Today, Little Man and I sat on the floor and played with some wooden chunky beads that come with laces. There are four colors, and four different shapes. He knows all the colors and the shapes. I did all kinds of different "games" with him, and he does really great! I was really impressed when we first put all of the beads in the same-color piles, and then the same-shape piles. At first, he wanted to continue putting colors together when it was supposed to be by shape, but he caught on fast. I then tried sequencing, like square-circle-square, what comes next? He thought I was asking him which one did he want to put next, so he kept picking star or yellow, etc! We will keep working on that. It was fun!
We will be having Christmas with Andy's side of the family on Saturday night. He only has to work from 9-3 that day. It will be fun to get together with my silly brother-in-law and his family. We had our Christmas with my side on Christmas Eve. The family is getting so big!
I am going to begin reading the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" on January 1st as well. I have read excerpts of it, and I really like it. Have you read it? Tell me what you think.
Happy New Year my friends! I am going to revamp my blog soon as well. What fun things do you hope to blog about in 2011?


  1. Oh I love Power of a Praying Wife. It is very good. You will love it. I hope little man feels better soon too. How awesome that you have laundry caught up though. Lucky dog lol.

  2. We're eating Mexicaan food at my sister's and then we'll come home, put the kids to bed, have sparkling grape juice and maybe stay up for midnight.
    Maggie loves patterns and sequencing and Ellie sorts all the time!


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