Tuesday, December 21, 2010

beTWEEN the lines

Can you tell I'm on break between semesters?! I love it....

Tomorrow Girly Girl turns 12. Her last year as a tween. Tween? Who came up with that word? When I was 12, I was a kid, and when I turned 13, I was a teen! Anyway, she is so excited. I bought her some warm fleece fuzzy pj's, some toe socks (you know, the ones that have a place for each toe) and some hair color. Yep, hair color. She is a blonde, but a dirty blonde, and really wants it to be more blonde! So it's the 28 washes out kind, organic something. She is going to love it. We are also going to paint our nails Christmas glitter red in the afternoon, and I will decorate her Peace cake. She is going out to lunch with her Daddy to her favorite place (at least right now), Pizza Hut. Andy has a mandatory meeting in the morning, and then he is coming home to go out to lunch with her before his shift starts at 2pm-10pm. I want to go, but even more, I want them to have this father/daughter experience.
Well, I have about a bazillion Christmas cards to write and get out tomorrow, so they (hopefully) get to their destinations by the 24th! I also have not wrapped one single Christmas present! Are YOURS all wrapped?! What is Santa bringing YOU this year? Have you been naughty or nice? J, that means you and your texting!! haha!!!!!!! I'm so bad.....Santa may just skip me this year!!! :)


  1. I LOVE Girly Girl's gifts! Please take before & after pics of her hair!

  2. Well, happy birthday to your precious girl! I have my Christmas cards out but not all the presents wrapped. Which means, i need to get a post up and then go wrap presesnts I guess lol.


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