Friday, October 29, 2010


Oh man. It's been 9 days. And I can't believe how fast those days have passed! I am falling asleep while I type, but I'm waiting for Andy to get home from work, and don't want to fall asleep on the couch while waiting, so I thought "hmmm...I should blog." So here I am.

This week, I started my part-time job. I work solely with 2nd graders from 9am-12pm Monday-Thursday. It is THE most mentally draining thing I have done in so long! These kids are great, but so busy. I teach them math, spelling, hand-writing, language/phonics mainly. This is a multi-grade classroom and the teacher uses thematic unit studies which is neat, but soo much more work for the teachers. Gone are the days where you just hand out math workbooks, spelling workbooks, phonics get the picture. Instead, the teacher has one book, like a library book, that is grade appropriate, and then one teacher's manual with some reproduceable pages in it. It is up to me to figure out what exactly we will do each day, to stay focused on that one book. Each child has a copy. Spelling words are taken from it, and thankfully, the manual has many ideas of how to "teach". This is very new to me!! But I am loving it. I am very tired, but it is a good tired. As long as things are going smoothly at home! Three of the days, Andy is home with Little Man. One day a week, for 2 hours, a good friend comes and stays with him. Girly Girl is not homeschooled anymore, but she is loving school, and thriving. I can definitely see that a more structured day is what suits her best. I am glad we tried the homeschool thing to find this out.

My own classes are another story.....I did homework ALL afternoon/evening Thursday. And Saturday night and Sunday I have dates with my textbooks. I am feeling a lot of pressure there. But I know if I just stay on top of it and not get behind, I'll be okay.

It was very mild here in Central Maine for 4 days. No need for the wood stove at all. I opened the windows, and let the fresh air in! I know the cold weather and the snow are not far away though.

He should be home soon. :) So I'll say good night, and ask you not to give up on me! When I am busy, I will think of the greatest post ideas, or think of things I want to share with my blog family. I need a special notebook to write those things down. I'll do that. :) Goodnight!


  1. I'm glad things are working out and it's a good tired! I do miss you here and on FB but you have a lot on your plate and priorities are more important now than ever. I do not envy you for a minute.

    Have a good weekend and don't study too much!

  2. Hey! Just checking in on you! Congrats on the part time job! Good luck staying caught up with school, I know how challenging that is with everything else going on. I love your new header. I must say that girly girl is looking more like growny girl in your header. She is looking more and more gorgeous too! Do get a notebook and jot down those blog ideas. We will be here whenever you have time! :)


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