Thursday, September 9, 2010

And The Burritos Win

Last night, Andy and the two younger kiddos and I went to our local wholesale, buy in bulk store, Sam's Club.

 I like Sam's Club. We buy a lot of bulk stuff there so that I don't have to think about those items for at least a month! It's mostly food items, because, well, we love food. :) So the spaghetti sauce is stocked, there's a freezer full of DiGiorno's four cheese pizza, and the salsa won't run out for a while! I joked last night about wanting to go out to eat, and NO, eating samples at Sam's Club would NOT count! After we finished shopping and putting everything in the van, we began to talk about where to go for supper. It was 6pm already, and Little Man was very hungry. Girly Girl was too. Olive Garden was right there, but there is ALWAYS a wait. Plus, I like to save the never-ending pasta bowl deal, all you can eat salad and bread sticks for date night. :)  I then mentioned the Chinese restaurant that has all-you-can-buffet. Now folks, don't get me wrong. I don't stuff my face full of food all the time! I'm just all about getting the most out of my money! The Chinese place would serve Little Man for free, and GG would be cheaper too, being under 12. On our way there, Little Man began to cry that he wanted to go to Taco Bell!

I mean, he REALLY began to cry! Um yeah, we go to Taco Bell a lot. Why? Because it's good and because it's cheap! Taco Bell is one of the very first places that Andy and I went when we were dating and in college. We could afford 79cent bean burritos! We kept trying to console Little Man, telling him that the Chinese restaurant would be fun and he could eat french fries, pizza and lots of fruit! Nope. He would not budge. Well, I don't like giving in just because. So we drove to the Chinese place and I ran in to see how much it was. When I saw that it was $11 for me, Andy AND Girly Girl, and $5 for Little Man, I decided, no, we aren't out tonight to spend $40 on supper. Not tonight. When I returned to the van, I told Little Man that we would indeed be going to Taco Bell. His smile grew huge and he wiped away the tears that were perched on his cheeks. Luckily Taco Bell was just down the road. He laughed like it was Christmas morning. Silly boy. And so we had supper for $15 total, and thoroughly enjoyed our bean and cheese burritos and taco supremes!


  1. We haven't been to TB in forever! And, when our Chinese place starts charging for Andrew, we will be cutting back....and we only go once every 1-2 months now.

  2. I haven't been to a Chinese buffet since we moved, but it was always fun to do with my friends and our three kids. Of course, the kids ate free!
    TB is still one of our favorite places for Mexican food. We can eat there a lot cheaper than at a "real" restaurant and I think it's very tasty!


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