Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reading My Mind

Little Man LOVES to read. Or I should say, loves to be read to! I remember this very same thing happening with my older children, right at this age. Book after book was picked up and put into my lap with the words "read this to me Mommy" on their lips as they too put themselves in my lap.
Not long ago, Little Man seemed to understand that letters meant something to read. Not only does he bring me his books from his book bin, but also cookbooks from the kitchen shelf, magazines he sees on the table, and mail that has only been out of the mailbox for a little while!
Last night was no different. He picked one of my absolute favorite books. A photo album all about himself. The only words to read were "baby" on the front cover. But what he also has cleverly learned is that Mommy seems to "see" words in a book that he cannot! So picture by picture, I told him his story. I thought after a bit he might get bored. A lot of the pictures are very repetitive. On we went though, page after page.
He wanted to know what everything was too. The wires attached to his little three pound body, the "box" he was in, why is Mommy wearing "Jama's" , and the questions went on and on.
He talked about the little red and white hat that now fits perfectly on a tennis ball. "Christmas hat Mommy!" Yes Little Man, you were our perfect Christmas present, 2 1/2 years ago!
He also noticed that in most pictures, Mommy and Daddy were holding the "little baby" a lot. We talked about how he couldn't talk yet, sit up, walk or run and play. "Why Mommy? Is he seepin'??"

As we talked and looked, smells and sounds came back to me. Beep beep beep beep.........Little Man's monitor created a monotonous song with other monitor's belonging to the many Miracles in the room. Since then, they now have a new NICU, and each family has a private room. I used to think that I would've loved that....privacy. But now when I think back, I remember how I made friends with other parents as they sat only a few feet away with their little one, I remember the prayers I said over other incubators as I walked past, making my way to Little Man. I am glad my experience is what it is!
I'm sure today we will read many books, and I won't have to actually read the words from The Pokey Little Puppy, or Arthur's New Puppy or I Love You This Much......nope, I know them by heart! Our favorite book sits back on the shelf, waiting for another day when we will talk about "the baby" that Mommy loves so much!


  1. So precious is LM and those memories you have of his miraculous beginning to life!!

  2. We look at Maggie's photo album a lot. And of course,I have a lot of book memorized too. She loves to "read" the stories to herself and that provides a lot of entertainment for me!


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