Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate Tests

MIA again for a bit, I know, sorry. I have not been able to use the laptop as much as I am used to, because of my husband being home. All.Of.The.Time. Okay, Lord, bring on the job NOW please, before I go crazy! I keep trying to remind myself that the DiSH being home all the time isn't his choice. That he is a hard worker, willing worker, and that this is probably very discouraging. He applies for AT LEAST 3-4 jobs a week, that he sees online or around town. He's willing to work long hours, night shifts, temp jobs, you name it, he'll do it. EXCEPT....and this is where I just feel we are both being tested...he refuses to work on Saturday, our Sabbath. I won't get into all kinds of religious stuff here, because that's just not me, but I will say that it has been really hard to live by God's words when it comes to keeping His Sabbath holy! TWO times, the DiSH has been offered full-time jobs in the last month...BOTH requiring him to work on Saturdays, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. If the jobs were in hospitals, nursing homes, or in any other form of serving others, than we feel that would be blessed. But these jobs were not that. Both times though, turning down the jobs was also a witness to two different families that have not come to church in some time, and understand (and even accepted) our belief of worshiping on the seventh day. Coincidence? Maybe. My husband tends to be a little (!) negative sometimes, and it's then that I find myself digging deep to find all of the most positive, clear thinking, and encouraging things to say. Most of the time, I am talking to myself as well. I know the Lord has a plan! How many times have I said that! I believe it. I do. My feet, His path, remember? Well, yesterday we talked about how do we know when to stop, or DO we stop, asking God to make the path a little clearer? What do we do when faced with a decision that feels so difficult? I am praying about this, trying ever so hard to listen to the Holy Spirit. I am on a roller coaster. Up and down, up and down. For now, the DiSH is working for three days, more Census training. Who knows what will come of it, but Him. So for now, I shall listen. And ride the roller coaster!


  1. Wow... Life is so tough to figure out sometimes and the path is often the one least traveled and not at all inviting. (hugs)
    Hope to hear great news about the Dish and a great new job soon...

  2. God knows what he is doing and you guys bending to His will will bless you in the end. Everything will be fine and a little pay is better than none.

  3. You will be blessed for everything that you do.

  4. I believe that God has the perfect job for your husband. And he will know it when he sees it. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you into all Truth and keep your heart from discouragement. Hope you have a great day.:)


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