Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I love Thursdays, and other stuff too

1. Because Thankful Thursday has a nice ring to it!
2. It's the last day of the week I have to make school lunches...Fridays they get out at noon.
3. Only 1 more day until the weekend!
4. It's my short night in lab on Thursdays!
5. SURVIVOR! ooo lala, gimme some survivor hotties, please!
6. don't have to think about groceries for another whole week...we try and shop on Wednesdays, the least busiest day of the week.
7. I'm done doing laundry...back to that on Sunday!
That's all I can think of. Today is a good day. My back is behaving, and seems to be responding to Advil pretty well. We had tacos for lunch, easy to make, easy clean up. The DiSH and Mr. Smarty Pants are cleaning the basement. This warm weather has lit a fire under their bums to get something done! Girly Girl is playing nicely with Little Man. She is waiting patiently to be taken to the ice rink soon, to skate away a few hours. I am going to stay and watch her for a bit before leaving her with friends, and then I am off to class. Then it's home to watch Survivor. I just HAVE to see what happens to Boston Rob tonight! I know this guy IRL, that reminds me so much of him. I have been having a good week, I love it when my kids are on vacation. No having to get up at a certain time, and we just fly by the seat of our pants each day! We don't do a whole lot, but that's okay, because just hanging here at home is fun enough! The last few months of having to stretch ourselves financially have put us in a place where we have no choice but to either sit and stare at the walls, or play a game together! So we choose the latter. :) We had a great time at the Ronald McDonald House this past weekend. We are all signed up for Mother's Day weekend. We have spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's weekends there, and have come to the conclusion that it feels REALLY good to give rather than to receive!! For a Valentine's gift, the DiSH bought me a key chain that is an RM House. It was a small cost, but 100% profit for the RMH! I like being there during a holiday, and I try to connect to the guests. I know from experience, it's the last place you want to be on a holiday. You'd rather be at home with your child, not visiting them at the Children's Hospital. So my part in volunteering is my interaction with the house guests. I had such great conversations this past weekend with mom's my age, talking about their preemie babies. One girl asked me if she was a terrible mom because she just wanted to stay at the House that night and sleep, rather than go back to the hospital where she had been all day. I loved being able to share with her and help her. I told her what I heard a lot of when Little Man was in the NICU...if you don't take care of yourself, you are no good to your baby. She smiled a beautiful but very tired smile at me, and said Okay, I'm going to bed. Her husband looked at me with a silent ThankYou on his lips. It felt so good! The parents also marvel at how well Little Man is doing, and see hope in his laughs, smiles, and cries that they too will soon experience all of this someday. We already cannot wait for May!
 Little Man, in the weekend shift manager's suite.

Laying on Big Sister's bed.
Here I am, making one of many many beds!
I hope you are having a good Thursday too!


  1. The preview they are showing here of BR crying....without having seen the show, I think he's just putting on. Playing the game. We'll see tonight. So excited about this season...

    Love hearing about your trips to the RM House. You are doing so much good there and I don't mean just keeping things clean. You are touching lives. What a great ministry for your family.

  2. i haven't watched Survivor in years! We just watch so little tv these days!
    I love your stuff about the RM house. It's always nice to give back.

  3. The RMH is a wonderful place. They have taken care of so many families that are in need when their child is sick.

    When our son was born in 1994, he was in the NICU for 4 1/2 months. Praise the Lord that UVA (University of VA) was less than 2 hours away. I drove back and forth every day but one while he was there. If I had not been able to drive, I would have definitely stayed with RHM!


  4. What an awesome thing that you do in giving back to those who are staying at the RMH! And including your kids in helping to give too is awesome! You are a great mom!


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