Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thankful for Number Three

When I found out in June of 2007 that I was pregnant with baby #3, I laughed like an insane lady falling further into insanity than she already was! I was 36, had a 14 year old son and an 8 year old daughter, and things had begun to finally calm down around here! I hadn't even thought about buying diapers in over 6 years, didn't even remember the cost of them, or what brands you could get! All baby gates, bottles, high chairs and cribs were long gone! But here we were, having baby #3. I love Baby #3. Of course I do! But I mean, I love him like we planned him right from the beginning, to be in our lives right at this time. He was meant to be! Having two older children is part of the plan. Without them, I really do think I would go insane! They are THE best 2nd parents that this little guy could ever imagine having. Built in babysitters.....that are FREE! They are teachers, playmates, and protectors. I imagine Little Man standing in the middle of a room, and all four of us are encircling him at all times, there for every need he will ever have. He has a big sister that naturally knows his needs. And she teaches him things that most toddlers won't learn until they are 3 or 4! He has mastered four colors already, and can count to 13! He knows complete songs by heart, what sounds animals make, and not just farm animals. And then with big brother, well, lets just say that between the two of them, anything electronic can be played or fixed! Ipods, laptops and gaming systems are a big interest to little man, and he really knows what he's doing! Playing with blocks and matchbox cars are favorites that Little Man and daddy do together. Soon he will be building things right along side daddy, working on cars, and creating. With me, we cook. He loves to watch the Kitchen Aid go around and around. He has access to one cupboard in the kitchen, the plastic dishes, and he stacks and restacks them a lot! He loves to help get things from the frig, and put away dishes in the dish washer. He "helps" fold laundry, and is a great picker-upper of his toys as long as we sing, "clean up clean up"! Sure, sometimes I imagine what it would be like with just a 15 year old and an 11 year old, that know how to take care of every want and need they have. I haven't cut quilt squares or done any scrapbooking in ages. I haven't redecorated a room in a long time, slept until noon just because, or gone shopping with friends without first arranging a babysitter. So why did Little Man come along into our lives when he did? That's a good question! Some days I have the answer. And most days I do not. But one thing I do know ALL of the time, life would be boring without him! We would be missing something and we wouldn't even know it. My life is complete. Snotty noses, dirty diapers, stepping on toys in the night and milk bubbas included!


  1. I love this post and feel like I could have written every word of it myself. And the pic at the end is just priceless!! I love it when my older kids snuggle and embrace Jacob in whatever they are doing like Mr. Smarty Pants and Little Man there. :)

  2. Hey, Lisa~

    What a precious post and beautiful picture of your boys! Children are our greatest blessing!

    Have a great day!

    Blessed to be a mom~

  3. That's so sweet and I know he was meant to be!


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