Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surgery+Pain=Brownies and Flowers!

Surgery is for the birds. I hate it. But what I hate worse is the recovery time. I don't have time to make time to take time! Sorry, vented a little there. So anyway, its over. I got to the hospital at 11:45 am yesterday, and was finally in the OR at 2pm. I was scared. That big very white room with huge lights and people walking all around with blue hats and masks on is all very intimidating! I took the opportunity while they were prepping to put me to sleep, to pray. I told God this would be my last prayer to Him, asking Him to be with me during the surgery! Soon I was out. Now I know they had to flip me over for the surgery, and for some reason I just hate knowing that they were doing all of this "stuff" to me while I was asleep! In what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was hearing my name being called back to the world. I was in recovery a bit longer than they had thought I would be, but I'll let you in a little secret: I took my time waking up on purpose! the last two times I was put to sleep was my emergency c-section and my tubal 6 months later. I remember trying too hard to wake up and feeling grouchy about it. So this time, I just relaxed, did some deep breathing, and then finally back to day surgery where my husband, my mother and my almost graduated nursing student sister were waiting! I finally got to eat something at 5pm! I rested for another 2 1/2 hours, and then slowly got ready to go home. I was still so hungry, and feeling pretty good, so we stopped at Burger King on the way home! Yum, those french fries never tasted so good! When we got home, Little Man was in our bed, and he heard us come in. The cry he gave was so pathetic sounding! Maammmaa! So I sat down in the livingroom and he climbed up on my lap, and proceeded to pat my arm over and over, all the while ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the skiers on the Olympics! I slept pretty good, waking a few times to back pain, but the DiSH was great in having my next dosage ready! The Ronald McDonald House sent brownies to us! Simply Devine bakery in Freeport, ME makes THE best brownies ever! So we all had one (my other sister was here with my 3 kids) to celebrate my surgery being done! I JUST received, in the middle of writing this post, a bouquet of flowers from my church family!! See?  

So pretty. Another great friend, Tracie, dropped off a good book to read and Junior Mints, which she knows is my favorite movie candy! Time for more meds now! I uploaded a really cute video of Little Man to youtube, but forgot wherre to find the URL so I post it here! I'll work on that later. Have a great afternoon! I know I am.....


  1. Sounds like you are trying to enjoy your recovery time! I hope you are living a back pain free life very soon.
    ((Big Hugs))

  2. You're back, hope you will be feeling a lot better soon...so glad to hear that people are sending sweet stuff your way and wrapping you in love. Enjoy!

  3. I am so glad you are at home and healing. Do take it easy though. That is of utmost importance in a back surgery. I love all the get well gifts you received. The flowers are beautiful. Take your time and get well and know that you are almost through this.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are out of surgery and home. I will be praying that you recover quickly. How nice for your church family and the Ronald Mcdonald House to welcome you home with such nice things. Brownies and flowers, two of my very favorite things! :)


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