Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Monday - ilovericky

Here's my second post of the day.....if you didn't read the first one (You Are My Sunshine) then scroll down a bit. You might've been mentioned!
Now back to the show. Tara at Keeping Up With the Kelly's  hosts Music Monday, and today's is your favorite theme song from tv show, movie or musical. She picked one of my all time favorites, Growing Pains. I agree Tara, Kirk was a favorite here too. :) But before Kirk there was Ricky. Ahhh, Ricky. Ricky Schroeder posters plastered my bedroom walls, and I was a fan of the Ricky Club as well. Even received a autographed computer-generated autographed photo of him! So here he is, in all his glory, the theme song to Silver Spoons.

Ahhhh!!!! I still love you Ricky!!   


  1. Somebody else commented they loved Ricky Shroeder. I remember watching Silver Spoons but not a lot. Next week, if you participate, you can either do another tv, movie or musical song or you can do your choice. My mess up this week!

  2. Oh I used to love Silver Spoons. Ricky is still such a cutie


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