Friday, December 18, 2009

A Winner and a Whirlwind

Hi Everyone! Remember me? I'm SOOO sorry I have been MIA! There has been a LOT going on here, and I could list everything, but I don't want to risk boring you. Colds, cutting teeth, Anatomy & Physiology finals, an almost leaky roof, Christmas shopping, birthday party planning, and school functions have had my head spinning!!! It's spinning right now, again! And that's all just the tip of the iceberg. :)
What I feel the worst about though, is not posting YET who won my first giveaway! I hope you guys didn't give up on me. Next time, just comment me, real big: "LISA, WHO WON??!" That will help. :) Anyway, if you entered my Giveaway here, then you are about to find out if you won. The WINNER IS.....THE PINEAPPPLE PRINCESS AT THE LOVE SHACK! yay! You were chosen via random drawing at So please email me your information so I can send it along to the great people at the CSN store, so they can send you your lamp!
Can you believe Christmas is in ONE WEEK!? wow!! I can't. This month has flown. And I hate that. I have two birthdays this month, with my two youngest, and I really need to figure out how to be more on top of things, get ahead, whatever, so I can focus fully on their birthdays, and not have Christmas on the brain! Little Man turns 2 on Sunday. 2, guys. Can you believe it? My little vasa previa miracle. Two. On Monday, after the dust has settled a little bit, I am going to do a "So you're two now" post. I know I'll cry through the whole thing. And then, on Tuesday, Girly Girl turns 11! A Tweenager. Oh man. I can't believe my little girl isn't so little anymore. Boo Hoo. So as you can see, it's birthday central here for a bit, and then a day to breathe, before Christmas Eve comes, and then the big day itself. I am doing shopping though. Yep. Finished today, bought the last gift. Birthday cake mix is bought and ready to be whipped up, stockings are ready to be stuffed, surprises galore are ready to be discovered! I have pulled a big one over on the DiSH. Can't WAIT! He is out shopping for me now, as I type. I truly don't mind if he gets me nothing! I just love the giving. Love watching the looks on my kids' and husband's face. I love the warmness in the room, the 2nd or 3rd cup of Christmas coffee (aka flavored!), sitting around in the wrapping paper mess, and just realizing how blessed I really am.
So whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you are safe, happy, warm (its a frigid 20 degrees here now, and that's warm compared to yesterday), and feel blessed!

Little Man, singing for the first time with the children at church, "Away in a Manger".

Oh no! Guess I went a little crazy with the lights!


  1. You sound so excited for Christmas. I love all of the same things about Christmas as you have mentioned. The love that my kids show for each other as they open up gifts for one another is great. And sitting in the Christmas mess feeling really blessed? the greatest!!! And that 2nd and 3rd cup of Christmas coffee is pretty good too. Flavored, of course, peppermint mocha for me! Yumm!

    Loved the picture of little man in his snowman sweater singing. He is so adorable!

    congrats to the pineapple princess on winning your giveaway even if she did have to wait awhile to know that she won! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. You better hold onto your hat lady! You have a busy time coming up!! I love your refreshing spirit. I always love to read your blog and hope you ahve a wonderful Christmas. God Bless You and I am so happy we have met. Well, online


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