Monday, December 21, 2009

And Now He's Two...

He is TWO now! Saturday night, the night before his birthday, I held him in my arms and we rocked in the darkness and quiet of his bedroom. Prayers were said, bubba was gone, snuggles had begun. As I sang Happy Birthday to him softly, he stared up at me, his gaze never leaving mine. When the song was finished, in his little tiny almost 2 year-old voice he said, "Tank-oo Momma". I pulled him closer to my heart, smiled at him and said "You're welcome Baby". As he drifted into dreamland, I quietly told him his birth story. He laid so still in my arms, his eyes opening here and there to look at me, as if to say "I'm listening Momma". Tears filled my eyes as I watched him go from wakefulness to sleep. So precious. I am so blessed. Telling him his story of how he entered this world is a privilege, and although a lot of the details are somewhat scary, I still cherish them. There are so many parts of his birth day that only I remember, that only I can ever tell him about. Like how moments before I was put under for a crash c-section, I concentrated on feeling him move within me, saying a prayer that he would always be so active! And then how one hour later I awoke, and felt him no more. Panic set in, but only for a second, as the nurse assured me he was fine, he was fine!!
He's two now....
He loves all things Sesame Street, Winnie The Pooh, and even Sponge Bob thanks to two older siblings! He loves pizza, green beans, bananas, toast, salad, squash, raisins....but hates olives, green peppers, jello and pretzels. He still cherishes Bear, and they are never far apart. He loves sleeping in Mama's bed, and yes, is there often. He would take 10 "baffs" a day if I let him! He loves to go places, read books, and play with blocks. He dances to any kind of a beat, and I do mean anything! The woodstove was ticking one day, as the heat rose, and all of a sudden, Little Man broke out in a hippity hop dance! He loves his dog Princess. He rolls on top of her, lays beside her as they watch Elmo. He loves his big sister and big brother, and is never far from them when they are around. He is a such a people person! Social butterfly. But yet shy too, which I love....he lays his head on my shoulder, turns his face inward, feeling safe and secure.
He's two now...
I can't wait for this next year to unfold, to watch him grow, learn, and even teach. He can sing the whole song "Jesus Love Me" all the way through. Even though he knows very little about his Creator right now, I love watching the innocence on his face as we talk about Jesus, and I can't wait to guide that relationship along, over the years.
He's two now....
I'm done crying for now, the new year begins. I am so thankful and so blessed. Help me Lord, to always be. 


  1. I loved that! So neat that you shared about rocking him in the quiet of his room and all that went along with it. We did the same thing last night and you just want to hang on forever!


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